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Posted on Jan 22, 2015

4 Fascinating 2015 Events in Barcelona, Spain

4 Fascinating 2015 Events in Barcelona, Spain

There are some amazing cities to visit in the world but very few of them if any are better than Barcelona. Located between the sea and breathtaking mountains, Barcelona is the city that never sleeps. It is the place where there is always an interesting festival for you to attend. The festivities here are all year round as there is always a few events every month no matter what the season is.
Barcelona is one of the most visited cities and also the fastest growing tourist destination in Spain. This is fairly so because in Barcelona there is always something for everyone no matter what their tastes and preferences are.

If you are planning to travel to Barcelona this year, here are 4 of the most fascinating events that you should look out for.  If you miss any of the following suggestions, keep in mind that you can easily find events in Barcelona on many reputable websites.

Chinese Lantern Festival- Jan 19, 2015-March 15, 2015

If you are planning to visit Barcelona between January and March 2015 this is one of the events that should attend. The Chinese Lantern Festival features an amazing display of 500 Chinese giant figures. The figures are multicolored and illuminated from the inside using LED lights to give a magnificent display of their beautiful colors (image by markoci).

Chinese Lantern Festival

With the pomp and carnivore atmosphere that comes with this event it is guaranteed fun for you. If you are traveling with your little ones the better, this is because they will surely love the display. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to have enough of the festival since it lasts for a couple of months

International Singing Competition-Jan 25
The 52 second international competition will take place this January in Barcelona. If you are visiting Barcelona during this period then this would surely be one of the events that you must attend.
For more than half a century upcoming singers from different parts of the world have been given an opportunity to showcase their talent using this competition. The winner takes home various prizes including study grants and performance contracts.

This would be a good event for you to attend and enjoy some opera music from different parts of the world.

Barcelona Beer Festival- Mar 13, 2015-Mar 15, 2015
If you thought that Germany was the only country that was capable of holding a very successful beer festival then you are very wrong. Barcelona is also equally good if not better at holding its own beer festival (image by Women Drinking Beer).

Barcelona Beer Festival

This festival is held at the National Interest Museum and so you get to enjoy a piece of history as you drink beer. With over 300 beer variety to choose from you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy.

Barcelona Underwater Festival- Oct 29, 2014-March 11, 2015
This festival started late last year and will be going on till sometime in early march so it is not late for you to join the fun.

If you think you can take a good picture underwater then this festival will be the ideal place to put this into test. As you try to prove your skills on the camera you will also have a lot of fun.
In this festival you will get to learn a lot about the history of underwater photography and probably a few tips from leading specialists in this sector.

Before traveling to Spain, it would be very important for you to find out what events will be taking place during your time of visit. This is in order to book your tickets in advance so as to save some money and ensure the tickets are not sold out before you buy yours.


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Feature image by Herminio Alcaraz