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Posted on Dec 7, 2014

First Evening Back in Goa, India- So Much Love That- Part of the Nomadic Family World Travel Hits the Road Again

First Evening Back in Goa, India- So Much Love That- Part of the Nomadic Family World Travel Hits the Road Again

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again
so, the flights were not terribly fun. back hurt, was hard to get comfortable in any position, and an unexplainable volume of adorable yet terribly screaming and crying indian children. so, i’m exhausted and ran out of food and wasn’t feeling so hot for a bit.

but, other than that minor anicca’ing. i cannot believe how perfectly wonderful everything is falling perfectly into place for me.

when i came out of the airport in goa, miranda and ringo’s adorable driver was waiting for me with a sign. soooo cute! i love being greeted with a sign! as we drove closer and closer, i kept recognizing the hospital, this area of curving road with beautifully shaded trees, and just the feeling, madness, and exotic excitedness that omg! i’m really back here in india. i feel so lucky!

and all afternoon and evening, as i drove around to see barbara, shankar (from the fruit stand), shanti (she sends dahnya her love), palavi (sends all of you her love) from vidya aranya, sangita (I SAW BEAUTIFUL! and she still is as beautiful as ever!) the german bakery and the family corner restaurant, i just knew deeply that i belong here. that i need to come back here every year, that we belong here. that this, too, is our home. that it was waiting for me and i know i’ll be back almost every year and i soooooo badly wanted to share this with you. i wanted you guys to be here with me as i visited the old vidya arayana school and the german bakery and our old home and i wanted you guys to smell palolem like i am and feel the wind that comes from riding a motorcycle in goa. i wish you could be here with me.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

i’m sure we’ll keep asking for this reality and that we’ll find a way to make it happen for us that we can all come back as a family.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

i went to see eden’s family but there were not home. so, in short, driver brought me to the community house, which is palavi’s and she is so adorable and kind and sweet and like everyone else, asked where are kobi and the kids. everyone is sad that you guys are not here. everyone.

[Note: i actually just wrote this all to kobi and the kids and i’m off to bed so just enjoy it, though you don’t know a lot of the names of who is who (or any of them) i thought you’d like to know how i am. i love you. good night.]

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

so, i asked her to call heranum (?) and he agreed to give me a bike for 200 a day and if i take it for the whole time, he’ll make it cheaper. he was also so sweet and asked where you guys were. miranda said ringo will have a look at me tomorrow and we’ll see if bike riding is good for me than i’ll give back the bike in a few days and move to a bicycle.


so, long story short.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

1- palavi’s room is precious, in the forest, totally quiet, lovely and i adore her. (it’s also next to nita- the cook from school who loves the kids so much). she wants 500/night= 15000 a month. i thought i would want to live there. no beach but its in a forest off the side of a river. love it!


2- went to barbara. raja didn’t tell her that i called and she may have the little corner room available. it’s perfect. my dream come true. she will know tomorrow if the couple doesn’t come but she wanted 1000/night. i told her i needed a good price and she said don’t worry and to come back tomorrow evening.


3- i asked from shanti’s neighbor (who is fixing my bag) and from the german bakery (who also miss you guys) and the german bakery guy took me to see a room with a separate dining room and kitchen area and a patio. he wants 9000/month but its dark in there and it’s behind the family’s house and i don’t want it.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

4- so i was on the way to see the sunset and i passed gosh. i told him it’s nice to see him and that i wanted to stay with him but sanjay or ritika said they asked and he doesn’t have any rooms. well……. he does.


he has this perfect room with a big bed, a mosquito net that he’ll put up, a basket and a few small shelves. the house is covered with inspirational cards, books, and crystals. i can use the kitchen as much as i want and the place is loaded with kambucha. he talked to me forever ( a bit too much as i was tired) but he talked all about all of these kinds of tipulim with energy and stuff i learned from noga but from a new and exciting angle that i loved. he told me about energized water and all this cool stuff and he wants 10,000/month for the room. he has hot water whenever i want it and is so happy to talk talk talk and teach me so much. he will be one amazing teacher. i can join him for sunrise and sunset walks (though i prefer to go alone so he can just be a great reminder for me when to go) and i have sooo much to learn from him.first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again


i will do treatments with him like 1-2 a week and i bet it will be cheaper cuz i’m already renting from him. the kampucha is right there for me. so is the fridge and this perfect room and all the spiritual knowledge i could ever want. when i want quiet, i can tell him or i’ll just stay in my room or on the porch. anyhow. i kept getting my dream come true until i got the ideal that i most wanted, which was to live with gosh.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

tomorrow, ringo will assess me at 12:30. i may need to go to wardhshawl hospital for tzilumim for i think my bones have moved and have gotten worse since i took the last tzilumim over 9 months ago. we’ll from there build a program to erase my muscles memories, to get the blood and oxygen moving in the area, and to give me the meds that they made for me to help my body take the changes best. then, after we start on the back, then, we can start focusing on the digestive system and the other stuff.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

i’m so grateful. i didn’t mean to write on of those long emails. i just miss you and wanted to tell you and kids everything going on with me. i really wish you guys could be here with me. i know my healing would not be the same but i hope we find a way to all come next year, somehow, without ruining our lives or spots in school in israel, which is clearly the most important.first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again


i bought daal at the family corner restaurant, fruits and veggies from shankar (he opened his own duchan a few shops down. apparently he was working for someone else last year). sharon is not back in india yet. visa issues.

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

jan 12th, sangita’s sister (or whoever the sweet quiet one is) invited me to roshni’s birthday party. sangita and the mom and dad were not home (i’m coming back tomorrow) but she made me tea and cut me an apple and gave me some cookies. soooo sweet.


i’m off to shower and to bed.  tomorrow, i’l get a sim card and an internet stick and move to gosh’s house. i just need to have silence a lot there too. i’m sure i can find the way to communicate that healthily. cannot believe how instantly i’m all fit into my life here again. (tomorrow morning i’ll go get our boxes from sangita so i’ll have a 997 piece puzzle and all of our stuff)

first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again


god, i love you guys.

kobi, i smiled and kissed your frog the entire way. i sprayed him with a man’s perfume that i liked in the mumbai airport’s duty free so that my prince will smell as gorgeous as he looks.first evening back in goa, india, nomadic family travel hits the road again

chazi, i loved your note. hope the car is ok. i love you guys soooo much.

love ima


ps: i won’t write them this long anymore and if i do, deal kuba. read them when you are in the mood. i love you and want to share it all with you. so, deal. i love you.


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  1. Hi Gabi!
    This post is full of excitement, hope, joy and a bit of regret. I can feel your enthusiasm. Almost like the first day was far too short; you wanted to experience it all at the same time. I wish you a wonderful stay. Healing and meeting up with good friends. Totally adored your Kobi prince frog!!

    • dear, dear, dear long lost emiel. what a joy to find you hear, with me in yet another journey. it’s been so long dear friend. how are you? i love it when you read my posts or facebook statuses for i feel like an old friend who loves me purely is with me, witnesses another step and growth. i adore my frog/prince, just like my kobi. hugs to your wife and kids emiel and visit (and remind me to visit) once in a while. hugs, gabi

  2. I was here too. Signing up to follow again. I thought you’d quit!

    • hi love. so happy to see your love here again. it’s been a while. no, i never quit. i still write tons. just a- my back prevents me from actually posting what i’ve done or b- i do much more vlogging which expresses all that i am but in video, not words and c- now in india, i have much more time and freedom than back home where i post once every 4-6 weeks because i’m busy onlife, not online. i love you alyson.


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