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Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Getting Psyched Out About Sweden this Summer- The Nomadic Family Travels Again

Getting Psyched Out About Sweden this Summer- The Nomadic Family Travels Again

Stortorget, Gamla Stan (Stockholm, Sweden)

So, we’re home and loving all the complicated equation of what living in Israel means. Mean girls doing mean girl things and our Dahnya rising as a diva heroine in facing it. The quietness of the Upper Galilee Valley; the joy of working in/being in our garden. Ignoring the news and creating our own peaceful haven; having it seep in from this conversation or that one and the fear it momentarily instills in us. Playing with our kitten and peacefully getting together with all friends and dear family and feeling another and yet another surge of love and joy that we are home.

I’m having surgery, then going off to 6/7-weeks of healing in India; Kobi will backpack in Europe for a month this spring, and then, and then, and then… WE’RE OFF TO SWEDEN FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER AND COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!

And as we near that, we look up more, read more, and do the happy dance more.

Stockholm Skyline (Sweden)

What We Know So Far

– Lots of biking adventures await us.

– We’ll be in Vimmerby, where the author Pippy Longstocking is from.

– IKEA originated in 1943 in this region and we’ll go to the first museam!

– Stockholm has some amazing things we’ll be doing (Stockholm is made up of islands! Who knew?)

What I’m Watching Today

Really Cool 10 Facts About Sweden

(including ice hotels, the thousands of moose-crossing signs stolen each year, the Sweds invented the zipper, and accepted same-sex relations since 1944. All employees get 25 days paid vacation a year and parents get 13 months of paid leave per child! and tons more…. )

Ten Words that Exist in Swedish the Don’t in English

How To Be Swedish
(Stunningly Pretty Girl. Gets better after the first 30 seconds)

And Ten Swedish Myths Uncovered!

Loved the article and how it all fits together with what our traveling backpackers told us laughingly about Sweden. I’ll have to tell you more about Sara and the gang and how we ended up having a home for this summer in Sweden, but I’m off to pick up my three adorable kids and love them, hug them, go on a biking adventure with them, play games with them, and yell a bit when they don’t want to go to sleep.

For now, watch our Best International Spontaneous Dance Party:

and know that yes, all the blondes and a few more are Swedish, there is a Danish friend in there, a good number of Israelis,a handful of American surfers, a Portugese man, and a few Peruvians and lots and lots of love.

Comment. Yes, do. I’d love to know you read it and if you know anything else cool about Sweden, do tell.


photo credits! I absolutely adore all the Sweden photos I found on flickr by Domingo Lelva. Check out his work! Wow!


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Gabi and Kobi, Dahnya, Orazi, and Solai

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  1. Wow Gabi that is such cool news! Glad to hear that you are all settling in with life at home (the good and the bad) and that your days are filled with love. Can’t wait to hear all about your solo trip to India and please tell Kobi, that if he needs a place to crash in Ireland we’ll be there for the next few months and would love to give him a place to rest his head and a home cooked meal xx You are all going to have an amazing time in Sweden, a dear Australian friend of mine did a student exchange there when she was younger and always shared wonderful tales with me about how friendly the Swedes are, beautiful scenery and odd foods to try. Take care and as usual thanks for sharing xx

    • gina, i love you. it’s like my soul writes and i publish it and then i wait to hear your thoughts. i wait to know what you will add to this conversation that we always have, dear friend. i can’t wait to be in sweden and pray/hope/will have sex with the right fairy/want so badly to see the northern lights. we’ll see. if not now, then, when… so, yes, the good and the bad and all that is there is what there is. i love you. thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts back with me. gabi

  2. Well, I know pretty much nothing about Sweden, so sadly, no cool fact so offer. But, wanted to say that I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to read all about your trip there!! The videos were great by the way… I especially liked “How To Be Swedish” by the “Stunningly Pretty Girl.” 🙂

    • hey sheralyn. it’s she just a ‘stunningly pretty girl’? i’m so excited too. it still seems soooo far away and considering i’m leaving for india in three days, i will surely have to hold my excitement for later. she is stunningly pretty. she is. i love it that you comment. thank you.

  3. Staying in one place for too long is bound to give you itchy feet. Go ahead and give them a good scratch in Sweden, Gabi. Wishing you an amazing summer.

    • thank you matt. totally itchy feet. totally.

  4. So excited about your trip to Sweden! All the islands in the archipelago look amazing – I’ve been longing to go there for years!

    • thank you dear jessie. if you dream of it, then you will. you will. 🙂 i’ll be sure to kiss them on your behalf.

  5. Ah, sounds so great! Sweden seems like an absolute haven, and you have something to look forward to!

    • hey cat! totally can’t wait!

  6. Eeeiii!! Sweden is one of my favorite places I have ever been. I was a teenager when I went, and it was one of my first times out of the country, so it has a particularly special place in my heart. Bon voyage, and keep us posted!

    • thank you love. i’m excited too. What a great ‘one of my first times out of the country’ experiences!

  7. We love Sweden and think you will too! We were very impressed with all of their eco-friendly initiatives and the friendly helpful people we met. Have a great time.

    • thank you dear one. i already got that impression without being there yet. can’t wait!

  8. Sweet!! We were in Sweden last March and it was definitely one of our favorite countries we’ve traveled in so far. You’re in for a treat 🙂

    • thanks dan! i cannot wait!

  9. Good luck with your surgery, Gabi. You sound so excited to be in Sweden! It’s good you’re going there in the summer. I heard it can be really cold during winter. Maybe time then to go back to India which will be warm and toasty in comparison? 😀

    • can’t wait for sweden aleah. thank you dear one. i’m actually in india now (funny you should mention it!) hugs, gabi and all is only getting better with my health, one tiny step at a time. gabi

  10. I’ve been to Sweden in the summer. It can be a little chilly but probably better than the heat in Israel. Have fun!

    • thank you dear. israel in the summer is so HOOOOOT! can’t wait to be somewhere cooler!


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