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Posted on Oct 31, 2014

Freaking Out & Non Nomadic Decision Making Jerusalem, Israel

Freaking Out & Non Nomadic Decision Making Jerusalem, Israel



  1. Yes, I get every bit of this. We’ve just moved into a house that we will be living in after sooo long traveling and living in transition, and it’s so strange. We have excitement, and then confusion, and this unnerving sense if, “wait how do we do this again?” How does one do family life in one place? I don’t know! What do you buy? What do you not buy? What do you sign up for? Do we go places or stay home? Do we make friends now? How do we explain how we’ve lived? Ahhhh! Our minds are so used to living in the go with hardly anything that staying still with a house full of furnishings makes me restless and panicky. So yes, I get it.

    • brit. i didn’t know you were on the go. how old were the kids when you left, where did you go, for how long, how is it now being ‘back’? do you have a blog. i’d love to share it with others if you do. yes, yes, yes, yes and, ummm, yes. you get it. i know.