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Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Top Family Travel Destinations in London

Top Family Travel Destinations in London

London is known to be one of the most exciting places for teenagers, kids as well as for family vacations. It may seem overwhelming to take a family to London but it is rather manageable. Most of the museums in the city offer free entry giving you ample time to get the value out of your money. Public transportation in the city also give good family discounts in addition to car hire Heathrow airport that will give great services as you get around the city. Some of the top family travel destinations in London include:

Art Galleries

London is home to some of the most extraordinary art galleries. There are a wide range of galleries in the city that showcase marvellous collections. Some of the most popular galleries include the Royal Academy, the Tate Art Galleries, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. These galleries offer great exhibitions that are most suited for families especially in the summer.(Image by Al Richardson)

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Museums that are well known for craft activities suitable for children include the Albert and the Victoria museums, also considered as the museums of decorative arts. They offer great visual stimulation to children, keeping them entertained. The Natural History museum and the science museum are also great for all visitors coming to London. When planning your visit, check for the on-going children activities at the various museums as well as have a list of some of the free museums. Other museums that are great for families include the Museum of London, the British Museum and also the London Dungeon that is best for older children.


There are great options for quick meals especially for kids in London. This is besides the fact that restaurants are generally expensive in the city. One of the best options is the Wagamamma which is a chain of noodle houses designed for seating larger groups. You can also opt for ethnic restaurants such as the Indian restaurant which are known to be one of the best in England. There are also numerous convenience type stores that offer premade foods especially at the various popular attraction spots. Families can also go to a pub lunch. One of the best pubs is the White Horse on Whitehall that is known to be very children friendly.


In England, London is considered to be the home of performing arts. There are numerous theatres in London that offer best deals to families. When you need to visit a theatre, ensure you first see what is available at the Leicester Square. You can get you tickets through some websites or from the official TKTS booth. The prices for tickets are usually the same for kids and adults but you can always find cheaper offers from the various booths near the square.(Image by Jeff in Camden)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Theatre Family Travel Destinations in London


London is a paradise of parks with overflowing green spaces. One of the most popular parks is the St James Park, the Green Park, the Buckingham Palace and even the Kensington Gardens. There is also the Regent Park where the London zoo is located. You can also take you family for a lovely view of the city at the Primrose Hill.

There are many more family destinations in London including the Tower of London as well as numerous activities suited for families. Ensure that you do a thorough research of the city so that you can plan of all the places you would wish to visit.


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Feature image by Mario Gutiérrez Photographer