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Posted on Oct 8, 2014

5 Great Home State Vacation Ideas for the Financially Tapped Family

5 Great Home State Vacation Ideas for the Financially Tapped Family

While our first inclination is always to travel, there are times where budgetary concerns override our desire to see the world. These times call for a bit of creativity so that we can still utilize that valuable vacation time, give our kids memories of great family vacations, and relax and unwind while not settling into a Netflix watching binge. These times call for an in-state vacation.

Up until recently, we’d never even thought of staying home for a vacation, but after my husband was laid off work, this became a necessity. After our first in-state vacation though, I can tell you that it was a rousing success that I wouldn’t hesitate to pull out of my bag of tricks if we should ever run into future monetary struggles that keep us from traveling. (Image by Vanessa Chettleburgh)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - traveling Vacation Ideas for the Financially Tapped Family

Here are a few tips to make your next staycation a real hit.

Resist the Urge to Do What You Always Do

The number one tip I can give you about staycationing, or vacationing short distances from your home is to avoid going the safe route and doing what you always do. It’s tempting to go to the park, visit a local lake that you commonly fish or swim at, or even set up a tent for the kids in the backyard while you and your husband settle in for a two day Netflix binge. It’s best to avoid anything normal, and head out for some adventure by doing something you haven’t done previously. This is the same idea as you would take while vacationing out of state, or even out of the country but you’re just applying the mentality of wanting to see and try new things to a more local geographic area.

Consult A Travel and Tourism Website for Your State

Let me tell you, l wasn’t expecting a lot of vacation options in Oklahoma, but I was pleasantly surprised. I consulted several local travel and tourism websites and it turns out there is an abundance of things to do in Oklahoma, including visits to beautiful national parks, great golf courses, spas, and amusement parks for the entire family. A quick 30 minutes online allowed me to build a 7 day itinerary that featured stops at museums, a spa day, and 18 holes of golf for my husband while my kids and I relaxed at the park.(Image by THE REPUBLIK)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tourism Website Vacation Ideas for the Financially Tapped Family

Get Out and Try Things That You Aren’t 100% Sure About

The most important idea behind any vacation is getting out there and experiencing new things. While this is normally very easy because you’re visiting a place you aren’t as familiar with, this mentality can be applied locally as well. Try that new restaurant in the next county. Get out there and visit a museum that might bore your kids. Go play golf with your husband even though you aren’t much of a golfer. The key to a good vacation – even a local one – is doing things that you don’t do every other day of your life. Get out there and try some new things, and force the family to as well. Who knows, some of the things you’re sure they’ll (or you’ll) hate, may just be their favorite part of the trip. You’ll never know without trying.

While we’d all love to vacation in foreign countries, or just take a trip to Disneyland from time to time, it’s not always in the cards. True travelers will always find a way to get out there and experience life, even if it does involve trips that are just a short jaunt from home.


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Feature image by Paul Trudt