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Posted on Sep 1, 2014

Lost and Found & Love is the Key- Macaron Yuvasi Otel, Ayvalik, Turkey,

Lost and Found & Love is the Key- Macaron Yuvasi Otel, Ayvalik, Turkey,

lost and found, macaron konagi otel, ayvalik, turkey,, love is the key

And in my last post in Macaron Konagi I shared some of the dark clouds of parenting. Sometimes, when you are just not sure you are doing anything right. We got lost. All of us. Got lost in the hubbub of motion and lost the core, which for me right now is simple: health and family. Yes we lost it (as we often do), and then, and then, and then we found it again.

That’s kind of life if you think about it, lost and found, lost and found, clear and unclear, know and clueless, and all the hues of laughter and joy, crying and sadness that fall in between. Welcome to Lost and Found, and the answer, that always, always, always Love is the Key.

 lost and found, macaron konagi otel, ayvalik, turkey,, love is the key

The Difference Between Feeling Alive and Not

lost and found, macaron konagi otel, ayvalik, turkey,, love is the key

Who We Are and Love is the Key

lost and found love is the key, macaron konagi,, ayvalik, turkey, the nomadic family, the road trip

This heart from the Macaron Konagi garden says it all. The softness of it all.

Any thoughts? Yes, love? Lost and found? Been there? Got out of it? Tell me, or don’t. I can hear you, and me, either way. 



Macaron Konagi was our precious first experience with feel in love with Yavuz and Serap and their passion to make this dream come true. They bought an ancient, run-down, dilapidated ruin and turned it, with love and care to heart-warming details, into a little gardened fairy-tale. Should you have the blessed chance to visit to Turkey and come to Ayvalik, we dearly hope you will consider spoiling yourself with a vacation here. Thank you Yavuz and Serap and your loving staff for these four beautiful nights.


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  1. Great article and very good concepts of Love. I always think of ‘believe’ too, which is another wonderful concept. Probably on the same level as Love and just as powerful.


    • thanks mark. love the concept of love and i think all of the bloggers did such a great job here, that the combination of everyone together was just amazing! believe. wow! what a great one! thanks for the comment mark. gabi