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Posted on Jul 14, 2014

The Nomadic Family Kids On Being Filmed- NoManic Monday Movie

The Nomadic Family Kids On Being Filmed- NoManic Monday Movie

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So, what’s it like for a kid to be on the big screen? How do our kids feel about having a video camera shoved in their faces, also during stressful breakdowns and low, low moments? For me, when I am personally filming them, they scream at me the second I whip out the camera [ a bit over-enthusiastically when someone is injured or upset]; for the film crew, they’ve been a bit more patient, and yet, still feel totally comfortable to say, “Angela, turn off the camera” or “Ima, tell them that I don’t want to be recorded right now!” We choose to put our lives out there for the world to see, and yet, we still want to give our kids the right to reserve their privacy in our public lives. It’s a cute rundown of how they feel and what it’s like to be filmed. Tell us what you think.

We’ll be adding more of their series each week on Mondays! It’s what we wait for each week. When we were in Greece in miserably confused, we waited for our Monday picker upper, and while stressing out at Kobi’s parents’ house, it was the Monday Movie from The Nomadic Family Project that grounded us! LOOOOve these guys TO DEATH!!!! s

They just started their second Kickstarter Campaign to fund recording our return and acclimation back into ‘normal’ Israeli life. Can you help share their project loves?

If you enjoy seeing the making of the documentary movie and all the fun stuff that they catch of us as we live our ‘normal’ lives, you may also enjoy: Meet the Film Crew At the Airport (both Satanic and Beautiful) Nomadic Family Parenting Tips Film Crew Fighting Cankles