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Posted on Jul 22, 2014

Six Must See Countries in Europe

Six Must See Countries in Europe

There are endless reasons why you should always plan to travel to Europe. Europe offers a multiplicity of varying experiences that will remain etched in your memory. Its rich history, not to forget culture and natural beauty is what makes Europe a choice destination. Though small, Europe has approximately 50 countries. The most popular European locations include Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, and Poland.

1. Irresistible Italy  

Famed for its rich culture and cuisine, this Mediterranean country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A visit to Italy will offer you an opportunity to sample the glorious menus, drink and the iconic family values. You can choose to explore magnificent cities like Rome by a scooter. This scintillating country offers stunning cities to explore such as the beautiful art in Florence. Historical locations such as The Colosseum, the outstanding leaning tower of Pisa and the Palantine Hill. (Image by Moyan Brenn)

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2. The Magnificent France 

France offers a blend of hustle bustle as well as an opportunity to enjoying a relaxing moment in its pristine city of Paris. Some of the famous sites that you cannot fail to spot in France include the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Euro Disney, exciting wildlife parks and not to forget food and wine. Other classical sites include the magnificent beaches and outstanding architecture.

3. A trip to Stunning Spain

While you think about Spain, some of the things that come to mind include the beaches, culture and architecture. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Spain include the National Park that houses the country’s highest mountain as well as the Granada castle among others. Spain is also famed for mind-blowing festivals such as the Benicassim festival.

4. Experience the Magnificent England

England truly has it all in terms of endless gems, pristine countryside, a vibrant pub culture, rich history and great sport history. Some of the adventurous activities offered in England include the British museum, the famous Royal Observatory Greenwich, the outstanding York Minister, the pristine Malvern Hills among others. A country that has been in existence for several centuries now comes with rich history in the likes of the great William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

5. Visit Gorgeous Germany 

A country right at the middle of Europe, Germany is such a location to visit. This is such a cosmopolitan and vibrant location that offers an array of dynamic urban landscapes. Some of the spectacular scenery in Germany includes the magnificent Wadden Sea, Black Forest and the Alps. Germany boasts of a bias in research and dynamic technologies that play a lead role in the world. Among other interesting activities you can do in Germany include biking, wind surfing, mountain climbing, to mention just a few. (Image by Murat Selam)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Germany Must See Countries in Europe

6. Experience the Polish Gem

With a rich blend of food, an ever present polish culture not to forget the European charm, Poland is a country to behold. Poland houses a breathtaking countryside from the seaside to the north and spectacular mountains located in the south. If you love skiing, this country should be among your chosen locations. A visit to Poland reignites the spirit of adventure with sites to behold such as the famous Royal Castle in Warsaw or even the Krawkow’s Wawel Castle.

Looking for a memorable time, you should not go farther than a visit to Europe. You get easily get around all of Europe easily with GoEuro. The exotic European getaways await you with a rewarding vacation promise and memorable experiences to savor for years to come.


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Feature image by Dmitriy Fomenko