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Posted on Jul 8, 2014

Glitz, Glamour and Business — Enjoying Dubai Luxury Whatever Your Purpose

Glitz, Glamour and Business — Enjoying Dubai Luxury Whatever Your Purpose

Dubai, or the ‘City of Gold’ as many call it, isn’t just a billionaire’s playground: it’s fast becoming the new land of opportunity due to its tax haven status, which makes it a magnet for investment. Set on the shores of the Persian Gulf, offering glorious sunshine for eleven months of the year, Dubai is home to opulent billion-dollar sky-high buildings, exotic man-made islands, state-of-the-art hotels, exquisite international restaurants and endless luxury malls. Yet just thirty or so years ago this blue chip metropolis was a vast desert, whereas now more than two million people live there, and they have one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is also the vacation spot of fifteen million eager tourists who arrive every year to join in the wonderment of this land of luxury!

Incorporating sightseeing and fun around your work commitments is incredibly easy in this spectacular fantasy-land: everything is just a comfortable taxi ride or metro stop away. Place to visit include the spectrum of sun-kissed beaches — Jumeirah beach is a must — lined with palm trees and cafés (Jumeirah beach is a must-visit), the world’s largest marina and yachts, the towering Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi water park, the scuba diving centre and, of course, the theme park, Dubai Land.(Image by davecobb)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - theme park Enjoying Dubai Luxury Whatever Your Purpose

Meanwhile, the choice of restaurants is outstanding, with seafood specialties and sumptuous Lebanese cuisine leading the way. There are countless nightclubs to choose from offering first-class shows and entertainment.

That’s the lifestyle, but what about the business and financial side of all this extravagance? Well, driven by the golden allure of zero income taxation, 80 per cent of the residents are non-indigenous. The huge investment in infrastructure means that business is predicted to sky-rocket even further into the stratosphere. The wave of magnetism is constantly fuelled by openings in the majority of market sectors such as IT and technology. Entrepreneurs and individuals seeking large tax-free salaries literally have the world at their feet.

Whether you’re simply meeting with a recruitment agency or are involved in a long-term corporate project, a number of companies can take care of your business planning to ensure smooth-sailing and a stress-free trip. The central business and commercial district is as you’d expect, filled with high-class hotel accommodation that exceeds expectations. Western needs are fully satisfied too, since alcohol is available in hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. The lavish standard of service and amenities are second to none so that all business matters run professionally.(Image by Els)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - hotels Enjoying Dubai Luxury Whatever Your Purpose

One thing is for certain, though. You can be planning a trip to find out more about golden work opportunities, you can have a super vacation or you can learn and practice Arabic, or you can do them all at the same time. Whichever one you choose, you won’t forget the experience in a hurry! It’s all too luxurious!


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Feature image by  Dubai Holiday Villas – Luxury on The Palm