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Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Wings and Roots- Euphoric Chatterings of Just Arriving Home- Jerusalem, Israel

Wings and Roots- Euphoric Chatterings of Just Arriving Home- Jerusalem, Israel

wings and roots

It is over. It is over. It is over. Or it is?

Is it ever really over? Even when we die, is it over?

I happen to think not.

I think we continue, our souls or our energy, and our love. The love continues, transmits and transforms, morphs and mutates into something else that continues, yes, in some other form, but does not die. And so, we have arrived home, to our tribe, and damn it feels good.

the nomadic family wings and roots

We thought it would be so hard; we suspected it would be some tragic end, and yet, what we found is love in more color and tears and beauty that we could have remembered.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots and the wings.”

– Denis Waitley

Well, we’ve given them wings, dear God, they have wide-spanned, glittery-white, hugely-feathered wings that know that in any country in this world they can get along, create community, and find love. But roots?

the nomadic family wings and roots

Kobi and I left the US July 14, 2004. It took us ten lovely years in Houston, Texas to work our way as ice cream truck drivers through college, earn three university degrees between the two of us, had a sweet black poodle mix, two and a half kids [pregnant with Solai], and so many remarkable memories of friendship, family, and love. We wanted roots.

the nomadic family wings and roots

We spent seven and a half years in Northern Israel. Roots lovingly watered by Kobi’s unearthly insane and loving family, time in soul-hugging nature, dear friendships, homeschooling, founding a school, and a huge dream to travel the world later, we left Israel for wings.

Now, thirty-eight and a half months, twenty-seven flights, unreal adventures, soul mates and friendships from every major religion in the world, and sixteen countries later we’re seeking roots.

Yes, it is time for roots.

the nomadic family wings and roots

And everyone said that we would need some major time to adjust to being home again, that acclimating to life back home would be seriously hard to do, and though I may be euphoric and will curse our decision when my heart calms down, but this immediately feels like a glove our hands have dearly missed. It feels right and solid and amazing and almost makes me wonder how many wings we needed before we could come back and fully appreciate the enormous blessing of Klaf-family tribe [great facebook album from 2010!].

the nomadic family wings and roots

Tonight, a few hours after the waving signs, cheers, balloons, and foam spray fights of twenty-six loving Klafs, Dahyna said to me, “Mom, what if we don’t live here for only the summer and then go north? What if we lived in Jerusalem near all of our cousins?”

the nomadic family wings and roots

So we can even change our dream to move back into our sun-lite mountain-side home in the Northern Gallilee Valley to something closer to the roots and closer to what our soul has yearned for? Well, there you go my twelve year teacher has brought us closer to another version of the next reality we may choose.

And what of the school we helped found that we dearly miss? And what of our best friends there and my sister and her kids up North? And what of the quiet, slow-paced, peaceful , God-kissed nature of the North where all the tree-hugging hippies like us gravitate to?

the nomadic family wings and roots

I don’t know. We will see.

We’ll take care of Kobi’s little health issue that he’s been waiting on for months, find a house for the next three months near his parents, find a car, and get a tutor to come teach the kids Hebrew daily. Once we get that under way, we will see all the wonderful options that stand before us and decide. It is that easy.

Weigh the options. See what we want most, and that, and only that, do.

We’ll keep you posted, friends, but for now, know this:

Sometimes you have to go very far away and stay away for a very long time to fully appreciate what was always there, and sometimes you have to go and taste a hundred different flavors to discover that the one you can spend years whirling on your tongue was is n homemade one from yesteryear, and sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, you dance to the rhythms of instruments of joy that were so foreign you couldn’t have imagined and you discover that it is that old tune that fills you now with love that you almost forgot about.

Welcome back to Israel. Thank you, God, for this gift too!

Good night!

Gabi, Kobi, Dahnya, Orazi, and Solai


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Gabi and Kobi, Dahnya, Orazi, and Solai

And, sweet new news loves:  In addition to parenting, family life and trauma therapy, Gabi is now offering Make Your Dreams Come True/We Wanna Travel But.. Coaching too. Engage with Gabi!


  1. Love you, and glad to hear that you are happy! Sending healing to Kobi and love and light to all of you…

    • god i love you. miss you but not because you are always ever there my love

  2. Beautiful post gab. So happy to hear that you’re loving being home, and it’s everything you need it to be for now. That’s all we can ever live for, isn’t it? Right now. See you soon! All my love.

    • just right now and right now and right now. that is all we’ve got love. i can’t wait to see you! arrive! arrive! arrive! happy anniversary to your parents! 50 years! wow. i’m bowing, gabi

  3. Hello, hello my lovelies, I’m so happy for you, really. We’re in London, our old home, it feels SO GOOD you wouldn’t believe. Enjoy, have fun, travel again, or not. Who cares? We make the rules in this game. xxx

    • so you are in the hood too love. i thought your hood was australia. and eight months! omg- are you itchy yet? i’m so glad it feels so good. i would think you’d be ready to head out already. good for you love. who does care? how fun to make the rules! love you alyson. yours, gabi

  4. I can feel your happiness (again!) and the love and the excitement! Very happy for all of you.

    • thank you laura. it’s been a while since we’ve chatted. yes, it feels sooooooo good!

  5. Shit. My comment got lost! Summary: I’m so happy for u. I’m crying. I get u. Family is the real love and being near family is key. We might join you at the hippie school in the galililee. Will u take us?
    Love u. Extra squeeze for my girl D.

    • we’re waiting for you in hippie-ville love. i hope you get here before we fly again. 🙂 thanks for the extra squeeze. i love you. oh, and love is all there is and all that will remain. i love you lauren

  6. Read the posts on ynet,
    You are a source of inspiration for me, thanks for that.
    Wish you health & hapiness.

    • thank you amit. you are so kind and we appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. if you read more here (you will love “I know nothing and 99 other things the world has taught me AND I need a vacation), please leave a comment so that i’ll know you were here. thank you. gabi

  7. Wow… how awesome! I’m so happy for you! For a few years I felt like my home was where ever I was, but missed having a place to really call home. I love to travel and experience everything, but still I felt I needed some normalcy, a place to land and just be… I did that and I’ve felt great about that. It’s great to experience, even for a long time — an highly recommended even — but returning ‘home’ becomes even sweeter when you realize again what home really feels like and IS to our everything we are. Hugs to you all… I’m sure you will fly again in a few years 😉

    • cindy you are a dear and i’ve missed you around here. thank you. yes, for now, we’re here but we did need to go far away to see what was here. and yes, we will fly again soon, i’m sure of it! gabi

  8. I am so glad to have had the pleasure of meeting your entire family as you passed through Panama. I wish the best of luck for the outstanding future all of you will have.

    Here is memory from 2011

    • lee what a joy and a surprise to see you here friend. we were so blessed to a part of your community for those 3 1/2 months and have nothing but the deepest appreciation for you all. if you visit israel, give us a ring. hugs to everyone we still know. and, again, thank you for inviting us to speak. i am looking at your link and smiling with a tear in my eye. thank you lee!

  9. Beautiful post! You guys happy to be home?

    • yes and no like everything, ying yang! 🙂 but mostly yes!

  10. Posts like this are bittersweet for me to read in a way – we are only just starting our travels (we leave on July 1), and the way we feel now, we don’t ever want to come back to the life we have now. It’s not that it’s bad, definitely not bad. But we just want something different.

    But then I read what you wrote, and I wonder if someday we will surprise ourselves and want to come back to the familiar life we’ve led up until now.

    I hope you enjoy your homecoming – and I hope you keep writing since I’d miss your posts if you stopped!!

    • you are so sweet sheralyn. can’t wait to read your adventures. (please like tnf on fb so that i can like you back and share your adventures withour readers). thank you for sharing. yes, we are constantly amazed at the pendulum of emotions and desires we experience. can’t wait to see what happens with you guys from july 1 and yes, don’t worry i have hundreds of stories from the road we haven’t shared yet. 38 1/2 months is a lot of story telling, and life back home stories will continue too. hugs, gabi

      • Hey Gabi – you are so sweet also for wanting to read our adventures.

        I didn’t think to follow on FB (I subscribe to your blog via Netvibes)… but I just “liked” your page too – why not! 🙂

        Sadly, there is nothing to see about us on our FB page hehe… it’s just this big black hole of nothing at the moment: Eventually we’ll get it going… really… we will! 🙂

  11. How is it you can so easily bring tears to my eyes? I am thrilled that you are all so happy. Family is awesome, but so is travel. You just have to make sure you get the right amount of each in life.

    Welcome home and enjoy all of the love, ride the wave as long as you can. Oh, we just love you guys. We are leaving Spain in a couple of weeks and it is very bittersweet. Can’t wait to explore SE Asia. We will be thinking of you and looking forward to the next chapters in your lovely life.

    • because you love that me that much heidi. that’s how. we are happy. balance is what my birthday wish has been since i was a young teen. balance. can’t imagine you guys leaving spain. omg! sea- after we were there for two years as irony would have it. i’ll be there for your adventures and i know, i know you’ll always be there for mine dear. thank god for that contest!

  12. Andrew and I have just returned home to the UK after 15 months of travel so this post really resonates with me Gabi. We have also loved being back and are seeing our home country with new eyes and really appreciating it. Whatever you decide to do in the future, enjoy building your home again for now 🙂

    • i love the ‘for now’ part amy. so glad you are also home and also with new eyes. much love to you and andrew’s adventures. gabi

  13. We’ve loved reading about your family’s global adventures, Gabi. And we know you’re going to continue to have them despite the return home. Way to go, guys.

    • matt. mwah. that’s all i’ve got for you man! mwah! and we will continue.

  14. Congrats on returning home! I am ALL ABOUT roots, so really celebrate your choice!

    • well my little around the world friend plus baby now! thank you. ALL ABOUT ROOTS too.

  15. What a beautiful post! Your happiness is absolutely radiating. Glad to hear that you are doing what’s right for you at this time! It’s great to travel the world, but it’s also a blessing to have a community to call home 🙂

    • i’m glad you can feel the radiating part. yes, a true blessing casey. thank you for writing.

  16. Welcome home — what an extraordinary journey!

    • thank you dear liz. thanks so much.

  17. Welcome home! I love the quote box that you included in your post about sometimes you have to go away, taste different flavors and dance to unfamiliar sounds to appreciate what makes home great. It is so true. Every time we travel, we appreciate home and relationships more than when we left and we are incredibly grateful.

    • hi mary dear one. i appreciate you taking the time to read and reflect and see how my words shoot and sit with your soul. yes, sometimes you must do that to know what was always there. gabi

  18. wow! thanks dear ruth. that is unreal. china and 33 trips later. unreal. you will love kfar saba and kfar saba will love you. thanks for taking the time to connect. hugs, gabi


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