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Posted on Jun 3, 2014

Parent Free Time on Family Holiday. Even Possible?

Parent Free Time on Family Holiday. Even Possible?

“Family time” has become a rare occurrence in this modern world where everything is fast paced and there is barely time left for parents to bond with their children. Everyday stress from work, home, friends and the world generally, nowadays denies “quality time” for the family to establish connections which are essential in development of a child’s personality and growth.

Travelling is a healthy hobby as it has the benefits of alleviating stress which has been associated with reduced immunity, altered normal body functions and poor mental health. Other benefits include opening minds to new experiences that broaden the mind, promoting personal, social and religious development and obviously time away from work. Family travel helps members develop unique bonds from close personal relationship to learn about family & upbringing, relationships, life and death, religion, virtues and generally how to be an outstanding person living a fulfilled life.

3 activities for parents to consider for themselves while on their family holiday:

A. Oil massage four hands in the same room. This is an experience that each couple should try on vacation as massage eases muscular and mental tension from all the office hours to ensure improved blood flow to all parts of the body and also helps to release endorphin’s (the body’s feel good hormones) that enable the body to ease pain.

B. Romantic picnic during sunset on nearby mountain or lake. Escaping from the ordinary helps one feel a sense of life, adventure, renews the mind, helps one to reflect and see new aspects in life giving one a reinvigorated mind to cope with life pressures. Such a time should also be used to reignite or spark off your romance with your partner because it gives you a good time away from the children, while they are busy enjoying themselves.

C. Watch romantic movie in local theater followed by romantic dinner. Such an experience should not only be done on vacation, but should be a usual occurrence in a couple’s life so as to keep spark of romance in marriage alive as this is usually neglected, once partners start a busy professional life. Such moments should be cherished and used to keep the family bond tight. In today’s world, that close touch and communication is lacking in families because of the less time spent together, people being isolated in their personal activities. Family travel can improve many aspects of family and romance in life.

Couples can do a wide range of activities like cycling, bungee jumping, rafting, picnics, indoor games while children enjoy water slides, swimming, bouncing castles among other activities available in a particular site. Safety is a key in travel, so you should ensure you choose places with good hospitality and service catering for all age groups in the family, where no one will feel left out on the fun. The following image can elaborate on more options for your next family holiday! Safe journey!