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Posted on Jun 2, 2014

Long and Short Haul Options for a Family Vacation

Long and Short Haul Options for a Family Vacation


China is a worthwhile destination for a family holiday boasting of a range of awe inspiring historical treasures to futuristic city skylines, timeless landscapes and charming ancient towns and villages. Its intriguing array of both modern and ancient attractions will leave your family enchanted and invigorated.

Some of a holiday to China’s major highlights for families include The Great Wall which is a true wonder of the world and extends dramatically for over 4000 miles from the east coast to the Gobi Desert and is easily accessible from the north of Beijing. Guilin is another favorite for families with tranquil atmosphere and magnificent landscapes that have inspired most Chinese scroll paintings. It is an awe inspiring destination with the most typical Karst topography in the world of limpid rivers and lakes, verdant hills, mysterious caves and massive rocks. It is a place to get away from it all with your family, sail through the scenic rivers, hike the mountains and connect with nature.(image by Torsten Heider)

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Forget what you may have seen in Chinese movies and indulge in the rich cultural heritage in the exciting cities of China which are both ancient and modern at the same time. Beijing is probably the place to start your family tour and explore the museums and markets, Shanghai with its famed World Financial Center and thrilling theme parks, Hongkong boasts of Disneyland, nature parks and temples. Doing a bit of shopping in these magnificent cities is also an exciting activity for families.

The mountainous region in the northwest of Yunnan province is a place of alluring natural beauty and the ancient towns of Dali and Lijiang are amongst the most popular family destinations in China with fabulous touristic facilities, laid back atmosphere and breathtaking sceneries.


The glimmering gem of Portugal whose fame even the suckling babes are aware, it is the place where the old and the young can lose their tensions and relax in the most tranquil environs of Europe. It has pristine beaches with towering rugged red cliffs as their impressive backdrops, ancient villages, pretty seafront restaurants, fabulous family resorts and some of Europe’s finest courses.(image by David)

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - LONG AND SHORT HAUL OPTIONS FOR A FAMILY VACATION - ALGARVE

One of the reasons families flock to this side of Europe is to enjoy the sun which seems to reside here when it has disappeared from every other region in Europe. Algarve has something for everyone and it is no wonder it is the number one family holiday destination. With its fantastic opportunities for water sports, riding, tennis and deep sea fishing, it is enough to keep every member of the family deeply satisfied and invigorated. Those seeking to relax can opt to stay in seafront villas and take in all the sunshine to carry them through winter and dine on fresh sea food in the wonderful selection of restaurants.

The attractions on a family holiday in the Algarve are not only limited to the beaches alone, take a discovery tour to the ancient towns and villages tucked away from the crowds along the shoreline. The beautiful and enchanting medieval town of Silves is worth a visit, it is charming with its cobbled streets, Moorish architecture, age old castle, quaint ancient churches and shops and restaurants with beautiful views of the River Arades. The ancient town of Monchique saddles between the two high hills of the Monchique mountain range and is yet another spectacle to behold in Algarve. It is unspoilt and untouched by the 21st century flair of development, it is a place to relax, wander and take deep breaths of fresh mountain air.


The UK is spellbinding with its world famous cities, dramatic coastlines, stunning rural landscapes, towering highlands and fascinating historical sites. It is one destination worth your while and which will create family memories that will be hard to get rid of.(image by Yousef AlSudais )

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog World travel blog family holiday vacation website - LONG AND SHORT HAUL OPTIONS FOR A FAMILY VACATION - UK

There are numerous locations perfect for a short family break in the UK including the elegant city of London with its museums and iconic landmarks, the Cotswolds with its alluring natural beauty and quaint ancient villages, the West Coast of Scotland with its stunning isles, the Yorkshire Dales with its moors, hills and rivers and the Lake district with its numerous sparkling lakes. The list for family possible holiday destinations is inexhaustible.

With its inexhaustible yet incredible list of regions to explore, it makes it possible to arrange for any kind of holiday either self driving, beach, countryside or sightseeing family holiday. The diverse landscapes allows for numerous exciting activities for families such as cycling, walking, fishing, camping, sailing and trekking.


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