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Posted on Jun 27, 2014

Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts About Argentina – The Country Fun Fact Friday Series

Fascinating, Fun, Unknown Facts About Argentina – The Country Fun Fact Friday Series

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Unknown Facts About Argentina

So, we are loving the Fun, Fascinating, Interesting, 11 Unknown Facts Country Series and this week bring you some cool info about Argentina. It all began with a sweet introduction with Alaska  and now we’re proud to present the odd-side of Argentina.

1. Argentina was one of the first nations on the planet to have radio television. The nation’s first telecast was made in August 1920. Around then, just 20 individuals had a radio receiver!

2. Argentine ladies experience the most astounding number of plastic surgeries – for every individual – on the planet. Argentina is maybe one of the world’s most looks-cognizant nations. Unfortunately, additionally more than 30% of its ladies also experience some manifestation of dietary issue.

3. On the 29th of every month, it is a standard to consume gnocchi which is a sort of potato dumplings called ñoquis in Argentina, a convention most likely presented by Italian settlers. Gnocchi – made of flour, potato and salt- were a shabby supper, perfect for the most recent days of the month when cash was tight. Argentinians have the custom of putting cash under their plate of gnocchi, to draw in good fortunes for the advancing month.

4. The current President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was the first lady President to be formally chosen in Argentina. Then, again she isn’t the first female president to ever govern over Argentina. Isabél Perón – who was the VP to her spouse Juan Domingo Perón – remained in as Argentina’s first female president for two years, after her spouse’s sudden demise in 1974.

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - businesses Unknown Facts About Argentina

5. Argentinians have one of the most astounding rates of film viewing on the planet. Additionally, film creation in Argentina has turned into one of the greatest film businesses in the Spanish talking world. Astounding, isn’t it?(Image by Rodrigo Costa)

6. So as you walk around in Argentina, you will witness locals sipping out of metal container using a metal straw.. If you wondered what is it, it is called Mate. Mate is a traditional drink found in some Southern American countries, especially in Argentina. The Mate drink, which contains mateine (an analog of caffeine), is made by an infusion of dried leaves of yerba mate. It can consumed cold in the hot summer days and warm during the rest of the year. These days you can find different variations of Mate such as Mate Taragüi which is contain energy boost derivatives and they consider themselves with the highest natural content of mateine (image credit).

7. Argentinians additionally made the initial animated feature movies as well! Back in 1917, a man named Quirino Cristiani made the first full-length cartoon in the world. Since then, Argentina is known to be the the first nation to make and discharge such films. Throughout Walt Disney’s excursion to Argentina, he went to the studio of Quirino which is located at the edge of Buenos Aires, and according to sources, it is said Quirino was a spark to him to create the same kind of movies as well.

8. In the most recent decade, Argentina has been home to numerous disclosures of immense dinosaurs as well! Giganotosaurus is one of the dinosaur families found in Argentina.

9. In spite of the fact that football – beyond question – is Argentina’s most loved game, a much lesser known game called Pato is the official national game in the country. It is an amusement played on horseback, combination of sports such as of basketball and polo. Pato is Spanish for “duck”. Back in 1610 and a few years after that, a real duck placed in a basket is used to play rather than utilizing a ball. Pato was banned different times, as it was regarded excessively brutal – for the poor ducks, as well as how numerous players were stomped all over. In 1953, Perón announced Pato to be Argentina’s official national game, however, a considerably less fierce form, and the utilization of ducks is strictly a taboo!

The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - horseback Unknown Facts About Argentina

10. Argentina was the first nation to utilize fingerprinting as a technique for ID. Back in 1892 in the Province of Buenos Aires, the little Argentinian town of Necochea, was shaken by the grisly wounding of two kids. With no witnesses to the wrongdoing, neighborhood police were not able to attach the homicide to any specific suspect. Using a ridiculous unique finger impression left on an entryway handle, a neighborhood analyst ran across the killer to be the kids’ mother, who not long after, inevitably admitted to the wrongdoing.(Image by Meet Aires)

11. Argentina’s differing scene and huge area territory set the stage for the great temperatures and much more compelling painted scenes. It’s home to the absolute most terrific waterfalls on the planet and sets records in extremes for tremendous streams and natural diversity.

Feature image by SqueakyMarmot


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  1. Neat stuff Gabi, especially the radio fact. Thanks!

    • i know! 20 radios! so cool. thanks for taking the time to comment, gabi

  2. Great facts! I didn’t know that a female had already ruled Argentina, sounds like her husband’s disappearance was during the dirty war. You learn something new everyday!

    • i know! so cool to learn this way. thanks hannah! gabi

    • Nope, the sop-called dirty war came after “Isabel” (actually María Estela)’s regime, one of the worst in Argentina’s history.

      Source: I’m from Buenos Aires

      • thank you for the info dear emmanuel

  3. america!!! wooo!!

    • seriously woooooo!


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