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Posted on Jun 13, 2014

Fascinating, Fun, Interesting, Crazy, Unknown Facts About Alaska- The All-Awesome Series

Fascinating, Fun, Interesting, Crazy, Unknown Facts About Alaska- The All-Awesome Series

If you are here on The Nomadic Family World Travel Blog, you are most likely not looking for concrete information like where to go, what to do, and how to get there. You can find that on almost any other travel blog and website. What makes this little corner of the hood special is that I daintily vomit all over you all the emotional guck, pain, joy, and whirlwind of a family dealing/being/learning/stretching on the road.

It’s raw, uncensored, and TMI-real.

Surprisingly, I wrote a few fun, fascinating facts articles cuz I was curious and wanted to share that with you and people really went gaga over them.

So far, I have written about Korea (who knew about Fan Death?) , Canary Islands (who knew about an entire language made of whistles?), and Mauritius Island  (which was a bit after learning that our house had been trashed but during us falling in love with the Chabad family in Kathmandu, Nepal). And, and this little bit really blows my mind, did you know that the number one most read article on The Nomadic Family Blog is no longer 10  Families Traveling the World and How They Afford It, and no longer my personal favorite I Know Nothing (and 99 Other Things That the World Has Taught Me), but (and again I’m shocked here), but it’s  Twelve Fascinating, Fun, Interesting Facts About Ireland.

And so, in light of these new developments (which are not new really, but I’m slow cuz I’m busy chasing butterflies and waterfalls and the meaning of my existence), so, I will be sharing with you each week a Fascinating, Fun, Unknown, Interesting Facts article about a different country in the world. And considering that there are over 300 countries in the world, I think we’ll be busy enjoying this for at least another four years!

Yah! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you learned something new and fascinating, please SHARE (sharing is caring) and COMMENT (to let me know that my research was fruitful, educational, but fun).

Love you,


1. One of the most bizarre things about Alaska is that Richard Proenneke, a 52-year-old man actually spent about 30 years living completely alone in a cabin he built entirely by himself in the Alaska wilderness. The cabin features working door locks, cache, and a fireplace. That’s weird, huh?


2. During the World War II, a small portion of Alaska (Aleutian Islands) has been occupied by Japan for over a year. This was actually the first time for Canada to deploy Canadian conscripts to a zone of combat. And those who’ve been living in Alaska for years would have known that buying a property was not needed because anywhere you built a house would definitely be yours. This was only un til 1986.

3. If you have never seen the northern lights, also famously known as Aurora Borealis, then heading to Fairbanks is a must when you’re travelling to Alaska. This is because only in Fairbanks can you see the northern lights for an average of 243 days each year.


4. Do you know that the state of Rhode Island is so small that it can easily fit into Alaska 425 times? And have you heard of the state motto – “North to the Future”? This might sound ridiculous but if you attempt to type the name of the state on keyboard, you can actually do it in just a single row!


5. The highest recorded temperature in the state was 100 degrees Fahrenheit in 1915 at Fort Yukon, and the lowest which was -80 degrees Fahrenheit in 1971 at Prospect Creek Camp. Other than that, Alaska boasts the title as the state which proudly houses 17 out of 20 highest peaks in the United States.


6. With over 100 volcanoes and volcanic fields in Alaska, it makes the state as one of the places in the world with such active volcanoes and volcanic fields for about 2 million years!


7. In 1897, when Klondike gold rush took place, the miners cherished potatoes so much for its their Vitamin C that they had became one of the most highly value things during that time. They would even trade gold for them.

8. 800 miles south of the North Pole is Barrow which has the shortest and longest day. This is because when the sun begin to rise on May 10, it will not set down for almost 3 months. In November 18, when it finally set, residents of Barrow will not see the sun again for 2 months.


9. The state is famous for growing giant vegetables due to its extremely long days in summer season. A cabbage was recorded to weigh at 94 pounds! Most of American’s herring, halibut, crab and salmon come from Alaska.


10. And do you know that it is considered an illegal act to whisper in someone’s ear when they are moose hunting in the state?


11. If you love touching plants, you can feel completely safe in Alaska because only in Alaska you won’t find poison oak and poison ivy which can be found in all other states.

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Remember loves: If you learned something new and fascinating, please SHARE (sharing is caring) and COMMENT (to let me know that my research was fruitful, educational, but fun).

Picture credits: Symphony of Lights, Grizzly Bear, Alaska sundown, Swirling Northern Lights, and Alaska sky.



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  1. Poor Rhode Island…so, so small.

    Also, I will definitely have to check myself the next time I go moose hunting with my buddies in Alaska. Whew! I dodged a bullet there 🙂

    Thanks for making me smile this morning!

    • greg, thanks for coming and thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. going to check out travelbluebook. like tnf on fb and i’ll share your fb with our followers. hugs, gabi ps: glad the moose part and this made you smile. gabi

  2. Fascinating facts and beautiful pictures – Alaska is on our list of places to visit.

    • hi sweet amy! on our list too, but first, like you, a bit of time at home. and then, the northern lights! 🙂 gabi

  3. Great post. We are heading to Alaska in August. I didn’t know that Alaska had the most active volcanos. I really hope we get to see the Northern Lights.

    • hi carmen. so cool. i know. i’m jealous. we’re dying to go to alaska one day. tell me if you see the northern lights. one of my huge life dreams. hugs, gabi


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