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Posted on Feb 17, 2014

What is so Exciting in Visiting Haunted Spots?

What is so Exciting in Visiting Haunted Spots?

It’s no secret that a lot of people love Halloween. There are no ifs or buts when it comes to the fact that we as human beings are fascinated by the fear of death and all things unknown. It does appear strange that people love the natural feeling of fear. There is a plethora of places that one can experience the rush that comes with haunted houses in Canada and many other places all over the world. But why exactly would anyone take a walk in a haunted mansion or visit a paranormal attraction?

Making it through until the end

First things first, there is the common curiosity to know if you’ll make it through until the end. How far would you go in a haunted spot? We are a competitive kind of species. A lot of aspects, from curiosity, pride to determination drive us to want to complete or see through daunting or challenging tasks. Either you never want to be known as quitter, or you just want to see how much pressure you can take.

Adrenaline rush

A biological approach to why humans love spooky concepts like Halloween is that when you’re in fear, your body releases adrenaline and other hormones. If the situation is not actually hazardous then you will enjoy the reaction.(image by C-Smitty).

The Nomadic family - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Adrenaline rush Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the World

Pushing the limits

Human beings naturally push their limits. One may choose to persevere through a scary experience because we love to see things through. People love the feeling of achievement and conquering all obstacles including fear. Think of the times you felt happy to have finished a ghastly scary horror movie.

Live to tell about it

Humans also love to tell tales of their experiences to friends. A trip to a haunted mansion makes a great story for people who would wonder how you survived the experience. You’ll literally feel like a hero.

There are haunted spots all over Canada that you can visit to experience the rush that comes with exploring anything spooky. One notable haunted attraction is Government house in Reginal, Sask. This building was built in 1891. There have been accounts of instances when doors would open and close on their own, footsteps would be heard along corridors and reflections of faces were seen in mirrors. There have also been reports of sounds of babies crying late at night. The eminent ghost of “Howie”, a former cook, is said to be roaming in the building.

Another haunted spot in Canada is the Hi Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa. It offers accommodation at a cheap price. However visitors have reported to have heard screaming late at night and find their clothes scattered around their rooms. It’s even goes as far as unlocked doors locking themselves. It makes sense given that the building was once a prison and had gallows. Dead prisoners thus roam and haunt the living in the area.(image by Brian).

The Nomadic family - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ottawa Jail Hostel Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the World

All in all, humans deal with the fear of mortality and what comes after, by making light of their situation. This makes the thought even more bearable and acceptable. We’d rather celebrate than mourn what we are unfamiliar with. So you if you’re up for the challenge to face your fears, then take a trip to any haunted spot in Canada. There’s lots waiting to surprise you.


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Feature image by Thomas