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Posted on Jan 28, 2014

The Best Winter Activities For Your Family in Europe

The Best Winter Activities For Your Family in Europe

The Nomadic Family - The Best Winter Activities For Your Family in Europe

Most families travel to European summer and springs and the result is unending queues, crowds, congestion and cantankerous attitudes. To avoid all these hassles, why not get with your family to Europe during winter months? Yes! There are lots of activities for you and for your family; here are some of the best winter activities that you ought to consider while travelling with your family to Europe during winter.  

Winter sports

From the great Alps to the Dolomites, snow is all what you will get, this calls for you as a family to try out the exciting winter sports. You will get many ski resorts in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France which have faultlessly manicured ski routes that can accommodate skiers of all levels. If skiing is not your field, you can enjoy sleigh rides that are horse pulled in Zermatt and Salzburg, reindeer sledges can be found in Swedish Lapland or Finnish huskies pulled sledges can be found in Norway (image by Nemo’s great uncle).

The Nomadic Family - The Best Winter Activities For Your Family in Europe-Winter sports

Get to Switzerland and enjoy snowtubbing with your family, the country has almost 30 snow tubing runs. Snow tubing is exciting just like tobogganing is but it’s unique as it’s has no steering or stopping mechanism. You can also snow tub in Finland, Austria and Germany.

Get to some ice skating places in Europe’s coolest capitals like Rathaus city hall in Vienna, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Somerset house in London and Museumplein in Amsterdam or Potsdamer in Berlin and enjoy taking spins around great outdoor ice rinks.

Performing Arts

Winter months mark the climax of performing arts; you can attend the ballet as a family or go for a opera theater performance in one of the many Europe’s culture capital. Here you will love to see the grand European traditions showcased by live performances. Viena Opera House and Paris Opera Ballet are must visit theaters.


Museums will not only provide your family with some education but also with warmth. You can get to military museums or natural history museums like Royal Artillery Museum that is science oriented or Paris’Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie which is children oriented. Museu de la Xocolato also called chocolate museum has been families’ favorite all the year round. Amsterdam’s Corpus museum showcases life’s extraordinary things.


Get your families to some of Europe’s castles and make those fairytales animate in kids minds. Get to Tower of London castle in Germany which is the inspiration behind sleeping beauty and let the kids appreciate what they read and learn. You can also consider other castles like thee Prague castles.

The Nomadic Family - The Best Winter Activities For Your Family in Europe-Hunderfossen Winter park

Hunderfossen Winter park

Amusement parks 

There are still a good number of amusement parks that still operate in winter, get them to Hunderfossen Winter park and let them learn about einter fun and games, take them to Netherlands and get them to Efteling Amusement Park which feature snow slide, ice skating and sleigh rides among others. To crown it all, get the family to see parades and live shows at the famous Mickey’s Winter Wonderland in Disneyland Paris (image by Hafjellresort).


Winter marks the beginning of the largest discounts the world can ever offer, you will get great deals giving you 25 to 75 percent discounts as winter marks the end of the sales period. This can be the best winter activity for your family as they will live to remember Europe. Crown the shopping by getting to Europe galleries and departmental stores in Berlin, Kadewe, Printemps and Lafayette France and Harrod’s galleries in London. Speaking of London, You might consider booking your accommodation with more accessible hotels such as Heathrow  which not only offers family oriented accommodation but also great solution for your vacation car. This option is very convenient and you get a wide range of hotel options in every gate.

So enjoy your family winter holiday. remember to pack wisely with enough warm clothes and don’t forget all the accessories you  might need to make your first winter snowman.


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