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Posted on Jan 12, 2014

Riding A Bike In the UK- Healthy Family Lifestyle Travel

Riding A Bike In the UK- Healthy Family Lifestyle Travel

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In reality, we do great active things in between long bursts of sluggish laziness. We try, we do, we move, we explore, and then we fall back into habits of it’s-just-easier-to-chill. And so, I’m doing yoga now twice a day for the next ten days, Kobi is looking into Thai Chi, and we’ve established that we’ll do sunset beach walks twice a week. In addition to that, we’re playing our favorite songs more, dancing more, and in general trying to move as a family. We think this is important.


We’re still dreaming of biking through Europe in a few years and so, I found this and thought it would be so very cool to share this with you. momondo has created this great infographic to help explore this notion of traveling  !Enjoy!


Urban Cycling Scheme - momondo



Photo credit:  Kara Allyson




  1. That’s exactly how I see our large family….in theory, the “uberness” of health physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way possible. But I’m happy reading a book and swinging in a hammock, and just seems like too much energy to get up and go do the fun stuff I imagine in my mind.

    We’ve ever talked about cycling our travels but….

  2. Love riding bikes with the kids, in the UK and Europe. We’ve never tried in in North America – at least at not yet, but that may be because we live in London!

    • hi sara. so nice to meet you. thank you for leaving a comment. we’ll see how it goes. we’re excited. please find us on fb so that i can share your familytraveltimes blog with others. mwah, gabi


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