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Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Keeping That Next Dream Alive- Cool Country Facts about Spain- Family Bucket List #8: Burgos, Spain

Keeping That Next Dream Alive- Cool Country Facts about Spain- Family Bucket List #8: Burgos, Spain


As you may already know we’re going to Spain. And though I speak of it as if it is happening tomorrow, it’ s not, and it may never unfold into our next reality. But Kobi and I are hopeless dreamers and dreamers who have been lucky enough to take the radical steps necessary to make our ship sail in due course towards our ever-afters. We’ve also been extremely blessed by the winds being kind and the storms being relatively benign. We love living like a local and will continue our liquified homelessness and still after our six months in India are over this April, we’re ready to roam again to secret country number 15 [is that right?], Israel,and then Spain. Logically, to keep our dreams vibrant and vivid, and to further produce drool when we start to forget, we’ll pick a spot and do a bit of research to shaken up any fairy dust lethargy. And so….


It is my esteem honor to enlighten myself and you with Bucket List Number 8: Burgos, Spain and more hands-on history, archaeology, cultural arts, and culinary education than I could ever imagine for my young world travelers. I’ll be focusing on three things that may prevent me from falling asleep tonight because they speak to me just that loudly that I feel the anticipation almost even now. And.. I’ve added some great videos that show the magic of the Castillo y Leon region and cities. Really nicely made. Really nice. 


1- Castilla y Leon Region

I spoke yesterday with Orazi’s best friend Teo’s mom Melania. I told her I’m looking into Castilla y Leon region. She tells me it is just amazing. “Ah, si Castilla y Leon es fantastico!” and she’s gorgeous, so when she gets excited you really think something amazing (like a bird taking flight for the first time) is about to happen. Castilla y Leon in the largest of Spain and the largest region in all of the European Union. Castilla y Leon is bordered by mountains, the famous Duero river towards Portugal, and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Finally, maybe we’ll get a bit cultured!

I thought it was cool that the smaller regions separated since Spanish medieval time just collaborated and got together in 1983 for form today’s Castilla y Leon. And though my kids think the 80’s like like what we would think of the 20’s, I’m drawn to the recentness of it. (I’m clearly not growing older so why would ’83 seem like a logical 30 years ago!) And I love that there are still pristine virgin nature that, nature that I’d love to see with my kids from afar, and not de-virginize in any way.


2- Cathedral de Burgos

You may also recall that I drag my enthusiastic bunch into churches. ” I looooooove churches,” said the Jewish girl in the rain that day and have been memorized by the power of our Jesus Talks. (Even the rare awkward ones in which we walked into funerals or had to face our prejudices about missionaries). And so, it is no huge conundrum that the Cathedral de Burgos would be justifiable reason to drag my family into yet another church, but this time with magical history and some Gothic architecture.

Cathedral de Burgos is famous for having this huge golden staircase (“escalera dorada” in Spanish) that legend says the very last person to walk down them was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. I think my Batman-loving, Twilight-drooling children would really get into the Gothic-style architecture and art dating back to the churches construction from 1221 to 1765. I could totally bring them back to Beauty and the Beast and we can feel that energy in every step we would take facing that rose window with the inscription “Pulcra es et Decora” (“You are beautiful and fine”). Yes, I can totally see us there.


Cathedral de Burgos

3- And just for fun……Gastronomy

So you would think the name is means some flatulent issue that we should speak about in hushed tones but, oh no, this one is actually the term used to describe “a people’s culture as it is on the table.” This means that I get to enter Spain and find before me on my plate the culture and history of these fine people as it has been expressed over the centuries. And because we all know I’m in it for the food, I want to live through this experience with my family too.

The region of Castilla y León Gastronomy is famous for baby lamb, pig, and goat, which my family would go gaga over. They offer a wide range of sausages, wines from the famous Duero river valley, and cheeses made also from sheep, cow, and goat. I would totally go for the cheeses and the mushrooms and fungi of all sorts but the reptiles, including but not limited to frogs legs and snails, I would leave for the love of my life and firstborn Dahnya. 

A Anocheciendo

And Look What I Found….. a great video about the Castilla y Leon region:

(This one is short and sweet)

And Look What Else I Found in Neighboring Soria, Spain….

Cathedral de Burgos de Osma

And while I’m doing the church thing, I think I could convince the history-loving Nomadic Family to just come to one more church, after which I’d surely have to buy them off with some sugar. What speaks to me about this one is that it is again a walking history lesson into a life we can only now read and imagine about. The Cathedral de Burgos de Osma began its construction as a Romanesque temple, started by San Pedro de Osma. Later, in 1232 (which is something I can hardly wrap my head around). King Fernando Bishop had Juan Domínguez reconstruct the church in a Gothic motif.

As Jews who come from a country who’s entire modern statehood history we can see in our grandfather’s eyes, it is a rare and oddly beautiful opportunity to go to countries whose history lasts generations back to kings and royals and people we think are only legends. Yes, there is the Old Testament, and yes, there is King Solomon’s castle just ten minutes from our home, and yes, there is Nimrod’s Fortress (which we adore) half an hour from our home. I am not denouncing the history Israel has for saying Israel has no history is like saying the ocean is not wet, but as Jews to fully immerse ourselves into Christian history and art is a blessing that Cathedral de Burgos de Osma’s famous wooden statues, stain glass windows, two organs, star-shaped vaults, and funeral art could deeply enrich us with.

And Why Burgos, Spain?

Because we dream and our dreams create pearls to the next joy in our necklace of life. And because we have dear friends there, Orazi’s best friend for now, Teo, lives in Spain and they are already talking about getting together again when we come.

And why? Cuz we’re alive today and that’s just how we roll around here. And if you’ve been to Spain or experienced any of these, do let me know? And if you have something on your bucket list that you drool about, tell me? And if you would eat snail, tell me that too!

Two kids at the Mata Shree Ashram for the day with Teo, the Spaniard, and Jaya, an Indian-Australian angel. One kid at the beach with a friend from Kazakhstan. We’ve just come back from breakfast at the German Bakery which is run by the Nepalese with our Indian friends who spent four days with us from Chanay. We’re all going dancing tonight.

Life is good!


We’ve written a highly inspirational e-book about money and how you can take these ten steps to make your travel dreams come true. It has helped many and helps us continue our travel dreams. I do hope you will consider spending the $8 and learning/ be reminded of what you can do, starting today, to make your family world travel dreams come true. You can do it too friends. You can. You can.

Thank you dearly,

Gabi, Kobi, Solai, Dahnya, and Orazi

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Disclosure Note: This post was brought to you thanks to support from Turismo Castilla y Leon. For more information check out the regional Castilla y Leon Tourism Facebook 


  1. Timely post! I’m taking my 10 year old son on the El Norte route to Santiago de Compostella June-July. I’ll share the photos with him. Gracias!

    • with great pleasure lisa. tell me how it was ok? gabi

  2. We WILL meet in Spain-the universe says so!

    • well then so it is my friend. can’t argue with the universe. i mean, i guess you can, but what’s the point. so, it shall be then. decided. let’s shake on it. i love you dearly melanie. gabi

  3. We spent last summer in Spain & have been aching to get back ever since. I can give you lots of tips & ideas 🙂

    I am having such a hard time returning to this reality. Have I changed that much? We traveled with our 4 boys, and lived every day with a sense of adventure… axe that, we just LIVED. Some days we just hung out or took a stroll, other days we packed up the backpacks & hiked the Molinas of Consuegra, or the Rio Tajo in Toledo. I miss it, I miss the people we met, the food, the culture, the birds that are probably in flight over the city of Toledo right now. I miss it all! It’s pulling us back.

    My search that I typed into google that resulted in my finding your page was “nomad family”, and I’m so glad I found you! This life is so short, I want to experience all that it has to offer. I don’t think I can do that from my living room. Unless I just read your blog 🙂

    • Amy, how awesome of you to leave a comment. Thanks so very cool of you. Glad you found us under nomad families- it fits. Yes, yo will love, do nothing, breathe that air, be again when your time is right. For now, may my ramblings fill your living room waiting space with joy and sadness as the void of your own wanting eventually create that next reality. You’ll do it. I know it. Find us on fb-would love to keep up with your dreaming, preps,and the joys you find in your own hometown and your own living room.

  4. Make that the Tagus River in Toledo. Duh!

    • If, no, when we go we will put it on our bucket list. Got it. Thanks!


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