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Posted on Dec 6, 2013

Go Baby Go! Well-Rounded Education: Goa, India

Go Baby Go! Well-Rounded Education: Goa, India

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  1. Hi Gabi, we really enjoy your facebook page and website. You are fearless and living life to it’s fullest. We are coming to Goa in Nov. with our 2 kids and I was wondering what area you rented your home in. If you could let us know some tips on the best place to stay for 3 months (family oriented/safe) we would be grateful. Safe travels to you and your lovely family. The children will grow to be confident, strong, fair, kind, accepting adults having been around the world during their young lives. Happy 2014 from Vancouver, Canada.

    • brenda. thank you for writing to us. thank you so much. please leave more footprints on the site and fb so that i’ll know you are around. we are soooo not fearless (i’m full of them) and totally not living life to the fullest (for we can always, always, always do more but i’ll take the fullest compliment with stride). nov is a great time to be in goa. tons of people arrive here so it’s hard to find a good house. you’ll want a western roof cuz otherwise people will lift the roof and take your stuff. i think the best bet is to look up barbara’s home in goa. she is amazing and if she has room, i would book a week with her. after that, you can rent a motorbike for 150 rupees a day and drive around and look for the best thing. i know one guy who has a great house and is trustworthy (many are not). i will ask kobi for the number. the best is to arrive for a week at barbara’s and if she doesn’t have room, ask her if she can help arrange aplace for a week for you, and then ask expats who know who is honest and who is not to show you some homes. it takes from a couple of days – weeks to find that perfect house for you. the number i will find for you is a great house but again it’s probably best to arrive, see if you want right off the beach or closer to the school (if you want them to go) and what not. gabi


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