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Posted on Nov 30, 2013

Life in Lucha de la Tigra, Costa Rica- A Photographic Family Travel Blog Glimpse

Life in Lucha de la Tigra, Costa Rica- A Photographic Family Travel Blog Glimpse

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  1. Omg!! I love all these pictures! The kids are all so funny and adorable. It would be amazing to meet you all one day!! Lots of hugs, kait 🙂

    • you are soooo sweet! thank you dear one. i hope we get to meet you too one day. tell me again where you are on the globe right now?

      • Right now we are in Prague, Czech Republic 🙂

        • wow. eastern europe and europe in general we have not done yet. we think we can do it cheapest when we return to israel and flights are short there and back. is it expensive?

          • Hi Gabi!

            It’s Gina (, Kaitlin’s mom. I saw that you asked about Europe and if it is expensive, so I thought I would respond for her. Many countries can be super pricey, but if you know where to go, stay, and eat, it can be quite affordable – my husband and I stretched our honeymoon out for a year for an average $50 per day. That was back in 1995 for only 2 of us, but you can still find some good deals. The places we like the most that are the most affordable and give the most value are Croatia – we love Istria which is only a 3 hour drive from Venice, Spain – the small towns (not Barcelona or Madrid), France – small towns or Paris if you know the tricks (I could tell you plenty!), Italy (again, if you know the tricks that only us locals usually know), Poland – Krakow is awesome!, Czech Republic – Prague is absolutely fantastic and amazing value on food and lodging, Greece – not the Cyclades, but many other small islands, Turkey (if you consider it Europe)- by far our favorite!! The Turkish food and people and prices make it the best!

            Although we adore England, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, they are quite expensive – as we painfully found out on our honeymoon and lived with grumbling tummies for over a month!!

            I hope this helps! We are always available to chat! By the way, are you in Houston now? And your family is in Goa? We are hoping to visit India next year!

            XXOO Gina and Kaitlin

          • hi beautiful ladies. mom and daughter combo. what a treat! wow $50 a day sounds amazing for europe but like you said a- that was in 95 b- that was for 2 and c- that’s a crazy amount of money for our looooooooow budget. siem reap, cambodia for example, our home for 5 months cost us $150 for rent including water and electricity. we are dying, our high range is $2000 a month for the five of us. so, ouch, europe… we were hoping to live in spain and then bike through parts of europe during holidays and were hoping it would be suuuuuuper cheap. when it becomes more relevant, i’ll totally talk to you dear. thank you! i do hope we’ll get to see you. yes, i’m in houston until second week of december, and kobi is in goa with the kids. i miss them all so much. we’ll be in goa until first week of april and then… we’ll see. xxoo and some more xxoo to you both gina and kaitlin! gabi

          • gina love, i had to write again. i want you to know how much i love you and your family, your girls are amazing! and i just needed to tell you this because of my love for your lovely girls. my blog, the nomadic family, a family travel blog is, how do i put this lightly, NOT FOR FAMILIES, NOT FOR KIDS, I WOULDN’T LET MY KIDS NEAR IT WITH A TEN FOOT POLE. and now it’s up to you to read and use your own discretion. i, once upon a time, wrote very clean and inspiring and thought to use the blog as a vehicle to connect us with classrooms around the world and then, well, we hit the road, and i became a busy family therapist who now needed a new paasion and things got tough and tougher and amazing and then really shitty, and became one of two online journals, the other one( being the more spiritual/energy healing/health/parenting and family healing issues online journal. and so i curse a great deal. i talk about sex. i complain about life and well, it’s not so child friendly so while i looooove your babies here and most things are alright, really they are, i suggest you look before you send you free on the site b/c some of it is not to your liking, i’m sure my love. do some interesting searches, pick a few words you wouldn’t want your daughter to read and let me know what you decide. your censorship may be much different than mine (and your girls are older than my three). would love hear your thoughts and again, sooooo much love to you both, gabi

  2. Hi Gabi, Gina here. I completely understand what you wrote in the last comment, but not to worry – I only show my girls your posts that are age appropriate! But so many of them are so funny and real that you all remind me of our family – the craziness, silliness, fun, and love for each other -that’s the stuff I love my girls to see. I want them to know that we are not alone in this big world traveling without a home – that the prize of knowledge, experiences, and closeness are well worth the discomforts and isolation we sometimes experience. And by sharing your family-friendly posts and videos with them, they feel a connection that they haven’t had with another family in awhile. My daughter Kaitlin is almost 15 and loves your “tell it like it is” style – she is so much like that and she stands up for what she believes in even if it is not the popular opinion. We also love your volunteer work as a family and we are hoping to do the same thing next year in Asia. You are so sweet to have concern – thanks so much! XXOO Gina

  3. Oh! Also, I love your website! You are like my soul sister!! LOVE IT!!!

  4. You guys are amazing! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Lovely blog! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

    • oh hi, hi, hi! so nice of you to take the time to find our blog. thanks so much. tell me where you guys now. let’s connect on facebook too cuz that would be just amazing. thanks for taking the time to comment. means the world to me. hugs to you! tell me about the handbook! gabi

      • Thanks a lot for your warm welcome, Gabi! I have already liked your Facebook page and I’m looking forward to reading all your updates! 🙂 This is our FB page and we encourage you to share your lovely photos with our readers:
        We don’t have kids yet but if we did, we would probably travel as a family as well. Stay in touch!

        • going to check it out and share. how long has you been on the road already? how long do you hope to be out? where are you today? gabi