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Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Life on the Road Interview: Fiona Backpacker From Scotland- Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Life on the Road Interview: Fiona Backpacker From Scotland- Kanchanaburi, Thailand

OK, seriously, I can’t take Kobi anywhere in public. It’s too embarrassing. We’re sitting in Kanchanaburi, Thailand at the Sugar Cane 2 (not to be confused with number 1) on the bamboo chairs and we start chit chatting with this adorable girl with a huge smile and foo-foo hair bows. She’s so adorable.

Kobi: Hi. What’s your name?
Foo Foo Girl: Fiona!
Kobi: Oh, I’m Shrek!

My jaw drops. “Oh my God, dear Lord Jesus Christ [says the Jew] tell me you didn’t just say that to her.” Earth swallow me up now.

Her face contorts for the briefest split-second (and I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes) before she breaks out in a laugh.”I get that a lot!” I don’t remember if she punched him (or I did, or I just wished someone would) but either way, she was a dear, with the cutest accent, a really beautiful new budding love story, and so much stuff that I think we have to legally disqualify her as a backpacker.

Fiona also, like Kobi, makes me laugh. Something in her spirit, her never-satiated sense of adventure, and her openness to the ever-kindness she finds in others, even without a single shared spoken word. So, without further ado, meet Fiona. She’s got a shoe fetish and a great love story. She helps remind me that I haven’t interviewed anyone in months, and that I miss it.



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  1. I love Kobi!

    • Vicki, you are adorable! thank you for supporting the inappropriateness of my spouse. love and appreciate you taking the time to comment. it means the world to me! gabi


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