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Posted on Oct 12, 2013

How Do You Deal With South East Asia Heat? Crawling Out and Back Into Hell Heat- PP, Cambodia (part four)

Did you know we are just animals? We are. We’re hot, we get aggressive. We’re cooled down with food/drink which we consumed with unabashed frenzy, we’re calm. We’re such barbarians. What the hell are we doing in this heat!? And why are we buying the kids something that will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R in this God-forsaken heat! And at least I can discuss the meaning of life with my new guru in this exhausting heatwave! Do you know how this day has been unfolded? Take a peek.


This reminds me of the infamous Miserable in Bangkok, ironically ten months earlier. Tell me you know understand the meaning of life from my little guru. Tell me you also cannot get your head around Kobi’s undying patience. Tell me you’re hot or cold or that you want an ice sand shake too. Strawberry is illegally delish! And to be absolutely sure you share your love for us, do something interactive with that hovering bookmark to your left. And to not miss a single anything from our life on the road,  subscribe here.


  1. I hear you, the heat in South East Asia is really hard to deal with…. I’m from Canada, where it snows in late april, so I find it really difficult over there! Kobi IS the most patient person in the whole world, I don’t know how he does it, but you’re lucky to have him! Courage, things never last forever 🙂

  2. Oh great! And we are going to head over that way next year. I will start preparing the family now. 🙂

    • you will die from the heat but you’ll find some sand ice and a fan and will be fine. so we’ll be in spain and you’ll be here. wtf. no fair love.