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Posted on Sep 18, 2013

Staying Healthy In My Life On The Road, Unicorn Hair, and Other Life-Changing Ruminations in the Malaysian Airport

Staying Healthy In My Life On The Road, Unicorn Hair, and Other Life-Changing Ruminations in the Malaysian Airport

We talk about really serious life-altering things like Why Don’t You Get A Real Job and Stop Abusing Those Poor Kids, How People Honestly Treat Others Like Trash, andΒ  You Would Die If You Knew Just How Rich We Were . Recently, we’ve written some touchy ones like Unorthodox Response to the Boston Marathon Tragedy, How To Piss Your Friend Off And Make Your Dreams Come True, and How To Afford RTW Travel Transportation for Long-Term Family World Travel?Β 

And now, we want to entertain you with how I’m determined to stay healthy even while on the road, how my hair is doing the unicorn thing, and a bunch of other ramblings in the airport after zero hours of sleep. Yes, I’d love your thoughts, especially about the hair! Enjoy!

Yes, we’re not here right now.Β  Yes, we’re currently hiking the Annapurna Circuit with the best The Nomadic Family Project film crew in the world. We love you! And yes, please comment and tell us your thoughts on these hair-raising issues! πŸ™‚ Gabi


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  1. When we were heading to Malaysia I went out and bought long sleeved, cover up tops…No! Don’t need them. Like you say, there is a huge mixture. When we visited the Central Mosque they kindy gave me a Hijab, women turning up in shorts were given the full Burkha ( apologies if I spelt those wrong). Your hair looks fine!