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Posted on Sep 21, 2013

How Do You Deal With South East Asia Heat? Family Crisis, Kobi’s Amazing, I’m Not- PP, Cambodia (part five)

This is the end of a ridiculously insanely hot day, and now, it’s not over yet.  I just want to know when will I finally get to eat. Other than that, the world can pretty much explode. I just want some food people, so, Kobi,  can you patiently save the world faster? I love you darling.

So, we’ll call this a wrap, or is it a rap? I will look for I vaguely recall that I also recorded ourselves when there was FOOD! So, share this loves using the cool bookmark to your left, and leave a comment. You can subscribe here, just in case you don’t want to miss anything. And yes, of course, ask me any questions and we’ll keep answering. I love that interaction with you fine people.

Yes, we’re not here right now. Yes, Cambodia was five countries ago. Yes, we’re currently hiking the Annapurna Circuit with the best The Nomadic Family Project film crew in the world. We love you! Gabi