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Posted on Aug 8, 2013

Everything Turns Into The Next Reality- Jamie: Life on the Road Travel Blog Friendships and Inspiration

Everything Turns Into The Next Reality- Jamie: Life on the Road Travel Blog Friendships and Inspiration

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My friend Jamie at Great Big Scary World is riding across Europe, then will raft across some crazy lake/river/body of water, and then, will ride again. He’s off to find himself again and I love him for it. He’s the best writer, a great adventurer, and he’ll be so surprised to see that I wrote about him here.

We’ve been emailing off and on as he located internet. You know the usual sharing, caring, exchanges notes and thoughts. Jamie asked me how it feels to be changing into no longer nomadic, how I feel about that. It’s a good question and I wanted to share my reply to him/you/all friends of the road.

hi jamie love. everything changes, everything comes to an end, everything turns into the next reality, until that one also changes. so, we’ll be 40 months of nomadic life and all the pain and lostness and joy that came with it. and our kids want a room, and shelves, and friends who don’t disappear next month and we want to give them that too. kobi and i would do this forever jamie. but, we may evilly put them in regular school, they’ll hate it so much, and beg us to hit the road again. no, we wouldn’t do that. back to the school we founded, which is more like summer camp and the way we believe school should, we’ll go home for a year and see if we can bribe the kids to move again. if not, we’ll do the 10 month home- 2 summer months on the move. we’d love to flip it to 10 month travel, 2 months home. but we’ll see. israel is unreal for hiking and exploring and we can happily do that. there were periods of time in which we would go camping on the sea of galilee 3 out of 4 weekends a month, and once for 3 weeks. i can see us doing that again. also there is a trail that goes from north to south, crossing all of israel. i can see us taking a few months to do that full-time, a mini appalachian trail. we’ll see.

would love to take off 6 months and ride a bike, that would be cool. a dream of ours is to ride through europe. we’ll get there.

hugs, gabi

We wrote our most controversial post to date on Jamie’s site, which spewed into me writing this Woozer on The Nomadic Family, which let’s just say, caused a few *cough* *cough* ripples *cough* *cough* [Gabi goes into full-fledged choking about now.]

Kobi doesn’t let me curse like that anymore on the site. He’s getting a bit more conservative and has edited most of the pieces that use more colorful language, like my favorite which I don’t know what to name anymore cuz he edited that. But this one piece I think he missed in the editing softening-up process, so it still has juicy words and me spitting like a banshee attacked by fire ants. Have fun, and yes, do leave a comment. I’m worth it!
I am here and dying to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, visit us at our Youtube channel (I just put up a video in which I curse there too!) and like us in Facebook, so we can hang out more. Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss our up-coming insiders’ newsletter and any of the colorful tidbits of travel inspiration. We love you that much!



  1. Me too, love Jamie, he says he’ll do it, then he does. Simples. Best of luck with everything Gabi. x

    • god jamie rocks! aand so do you! he says and then does. that’s the perfect description, and then he writes about it in his all-awesome jamie way. loving you, and missing you dear alyson. thank you dear. you’ve been there through so much of it. Thank you for sticking to me and putting up with me, also when it gets sticky friend. Gabi

  2. Hi Gsbi, what’s the name of your school? I’ve been looking around the world for alternative school’s as I think my kids would love it, found a couple in Spain and it’s always been a dream of mine to live there at least for a couple years, but Israel sounds good too-even better if The Klafs’ are there!x

    Note to self:must tell hubby about my plans for us! 😉

    • oh we are so waiting for you in israel then. i think your note may prove helpful, not necessarily entirely, but helpful in the process towards our kids playing together in the butterfly-filled fields of the upper Galilee Valley in Israel. We are waiting. The name of the school is Einat HaGalil but I don’t think you’ll find anything in English. Look up some of my posts labeled under ‘Israel’ and “Before we left’ and you’ll see pictures and even a television story on our school. Oh, and then you’ll have Hebrew speaking kids too. love it! my kids are waiting. mwah.

  3. *Gabi*

    • loving you beyond words dear one. 🙂 you rock.

  4. Life is like a road.You’ll see in front of you many person comes and goes from the front of you but only few stay and help you out.Those persons then find the space in our life and become the part of the life.yes..Life is a road.

    • Yes Steven. I totally agree. life is like a road. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. A young mans guide to life….. oh, i like. going to check it out. find us on facebook and we’ll share it with our fans. hugs,gabi

  5. Gabi, thanks for sharing.. everything. I mean it. And the best of luck for everything on the road and off it. I can’t wait to see more of your crazy exploits, be they more or less nomadic than before. I’m sure that they will be an inspiration for families around the world.


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