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Posted on Jul 6, 2013

Part 1: Life on the Road Education- Meeting Raffy Our Neighbor in Maolbaol, Philippines

Part 1: Life on the Road Education- Meeting Raffy Our Neighbor in Maolbaol, Philippines

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I’m not publishing any photos of our friend Raffy until I talk to his mom and she says if it’s cool or not. So, for now, trust us, he’s just perfect. Comments on how I used the word ‘retarded’ got pretty interesting.A few people felt it was insulting and inappropriate, and a few more people (those who know us) felt that it was used appropriately and with love.  Any thoughts, we’d love to hear it. But more importantly, let’s focus on the subject, the love, the beauty of this boy and what we are about to learn from him. What a waste it would be if we threw out the lessons for semantics.

Part Two: Choosing Raffy, My Unmanly Boy

Part Three: Raffy’s Seizure, School Humiliation



  1. You know you are reading something special when you have tears in your eyes after only 20 seconds of reading.

    Can’t wait to start reading the rest of your blog, only just found it through little aussie travellers.

    • oh phil. thank you for taking the time to comment, and thank you for tearing up. how lucky are we to have a new friend like you in our midst. little aussie travellers- i’m so glad you found us there. i wonder how… tell me for i just want to thank them too! we’ll be thrilled to make you cry tons, tons. I do it all the time. life on the road with us is real friend. that’s all i can promise. please comment whenever you want us to know you’ve been around. we’d love that. gabi

    • wow phil. what a joy. thank you for the link. i just clicked it and reread her post about being naked. i love that. what a great family. what great energy. thank you for giving me that gift. i’ll be visiting them again thanks to you. oh, good stalk us! we love that! the occasional comment would be our esteem honor. thank you phil. you can find us on youtube, fb, etc if you want to do your stalking job thoroughly. must share with your, there is this adorable 19 year old muslim girl named nurul in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. she came up to me one day. we were living in the backhome hostel for a month and she worked at the adjoining coffee shope. she comes up to me one day and says, ‘i watched your video’

      i say, ‘oh, now nice, which one?
      nurul: all of them!

      she, to this date, is my favorite stalker. adorable child, she is. hugs to you phil. thanks for making me smile. gabi


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