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Posted on Jul 12, 2013

Life on the Road Education is Cool Cuz Someone Else Is Doing It- Beary Best Hostel, Singapore

We’ve been to so many really amazing (and really disgusting) places around the world. Too many to accurately tell you about. But, a few of those places were just so cool that they just deserve to be spoken of. In Singapore, we got to chill in two different hostels, one right down the street from the other. They were both populated with nice staff, great vibes, and really cool atmosphere. And so, we wanted to show you a little behind-the-scenes peek at Beary Best Hostel in Singapore and how the kids love learning when it’s not with Mama and Papa Bear.

Aren’t the colors of this place unreal? And it’s all IKEA, the entire place, everything, but everything is IKEA. God, I love that! There are three in the Beary Hostel chain. Ready for how cute this is about to be?

  1. Beary Nice Hostel
  2. Beary Good Hostel
  3. Beary Best Hostel

We were hosted at Beary Best, and loved it. Thank you Beary Best! We love you, and miss you. Thank you guys!




  1. Orazi, run to Auntie Melanie right now……run for your life babes, and come join the unschooling Murrish family. He looks in pain Gabi! Where abouts in England is Georgina from?

    • run orazi run! it’s tough when you have to sit your little behind down a focus for a few short hours a day. not even that. i’m from unschooling melanie- trust me! for now, for these years on the road, when we’re not moving too much or doing too much or whatever else happens every other day, my boy can do it. most of the time, he’s great. i really think it’s a great lesson in self-discipline and overcoming the feeling of frustration and overwhelm. it’s believing in yourself and knowing that sometimes, i have to sit my butt down and do also what i don’t feel like doing. he can do that. and yes, he was in pain. i have no idea where they are from in england but they are so awesome. actually, just got married last week. adore them! and you!

      • I’m still going to get Lainie Liberti to give you a call LOL!

        • great! looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. hello wonderful nomadic family !!!!!

    Ed and I just smiled so much watching that video!! We miss you guys so much!! Just getting over the huge high of the wedding and will be heading to Morocco in September and then Tanzania in December!!1 So excited to hit the road!!!!

    We miss you guys and send you loads of love and hugs!!! Hope all of you are doing great and still embracing all that life on the move has to offer!!!

    Big hugs sent in your direction

    Georgina and Ed xxx

    Oh and I am originally from Essex Melanie.

    • hey love. YOU’VE COMMENTED! no way! i’m honored. usually i get the privilege when I get myself in trouble, you come dip in to save me, so thank you love. we loved looking at the wedding pictures and miss you guys so much. every time we see any of your videos (and there are many up on youtube), we remember how much we adore you guys. looooving you and that you’ll be hitting the road so soon. we miss you. we know our paths will cross again and we’ll get to see you face to face one day. maybe when you have kids of your own- oh god! 🙂 gabi and alllllllllllllllllll the rest of us.

    • You must be from the posh part! 😉