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Posted on Jun 12, 2013

Cheese- The Original Video @The Led Zephyr, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

You may have noticed that we love making videos, and you may also have gleaned that we share the full range of emotional experiences that can be experienced when a family lives on the road. Some of our all-time favorites are the ones which we can watch over and over again, and laugh each time anew, like it was the first time. These aren’t the you-had-to-be-there type of funnies, but more the funny in the universal-joy-way that comes out of seeing hysterically happy people.

We now have four ‘Cheese’ videos: two from The Led Zephyr in Cambodia, one at Pillows and Toast in Singapore, and the last at BackHome Hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But this friends, this is the original. The one that started all of this, with super-stars and fun-loving sweethearts Alex and Tom, the two and only two. These childhood-friends-soul-brothers filled us with more laughing than we could contain. So, if you could use a little laugh, sit back and enjoy! We love you that much. And let me know if it made you smile. 🙂