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Posted on May 4, 2013



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Read this sign carefully!

We are actually a bit worried to be honest. Tomorrow is election day here in Malaysia and they say a huge new party is standing a good chance for the first time to be elected and it may cause great turmoil. We’ve been told by the hostel staff and several vendors in town not to leave the hostel at all tomorrow, that there may be riots and demonstrations.

Actually, as I write there are tons of cars in the streets honking. Some say, the real mess may explode on Monday, once the election results come in. We’ll be fine either way and will stay indoors for the next two days but it makes you feel a bit helpless when there is any tension politically or otherwise anywhere you are in the world, even your own hometown.

We won’t be going ANYWHERE tomorrow even though I must admit there is in me the foolish invincible journalist feeling that I can capture it all to show the world. I’ll see if I can convince Kobi that I’ll be careful and go out for a bit and see what I can record.

I’m actually a bit worried food-wise. The street stands closed early today because of the elections and I didn’t make it on time to get my watermelon of the day. I’ve been doing a a raw food fast (e-hem, *cough* raw minus pastries) this week so I don’t have much fruits or veggies to hold us for two days. We make a huge salad every day. And we ran out of gas to cook with so we may have to eat Oreos for lunch for a day or two for BackHome Hostel sells that, and Pringles and MSG-kissed noodle soup packs. Whipee!

Our kids will love it! “Remember those two days we ate nothing but Oreos all day?’ Joy and Happiness. And Dahnya has been with a high fever all day and now at night.

Tomorrow, Malaysian Election Day will be quite an interesting one. Oh, and we’ll be on Israeli’s biggest radio station again tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun! See some cool videos and photos I took from the streets on Malaysia Election Day.

Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Do tell.


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Kobi, Gabi, Solai, Orazi and Dahnya Klaf



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  1. Not really, but we were in Nepal when we weren’t supposed to, after the Maoist uprising. It was fine, hardly any tourists there so prices were low. Didn’t see any trouble at all. Everyone was saying there were curfews and so on..nothing. Two days of Oreos won’t kill you.

    • two days of oreos here we come! we’ll be fine. thank you. i just hope the right people who will guide these people to their greatest light will surface.

  2. I’m a Malaysian, let me clarify why there was such banner around.
    Phantom voters is such a huge issue in our 13th General Election.
    The main political party was giving out temporary Malaysia Identity Card and money to foreign workers for voting them.

    We don’t the future of our country to be judged by foreigner. But, no one can help the people except themselves. FRU escorted the buses with phantom voters to polling station, the people formed the ‘Ghostbuster’ team to stop the phantom voters. That’s why these banners are around the town.

    Yes, the blue party won the majority seat in parliament, but their total votes is lesser than opposition party.
    they win the seats but lose the people’s trust with all the dirty tricks that they played on election day.

    I apology if you feel that i’m politicize your wall. i’m just sharing the truth. 5th May 13 had marked as the darkest day in the heart of Malaysian. We just want a fair and clean election.

    Check out some reports on Malaysia GE 13 here. You may also google on youtube for the video posted by people.

    • Fang, I have heard today that the numbers were 113 to 89 but I also heard a lot more. You know, the joys of staying for weeks and months at a time in one place is that you form community, and share in pain and joy, in good days and bad days with the people who know and love you while you live with the locals. Several of those in my arena have shared with me similar thoughts as to what you have said, that there was wide-spread rigged votes and unfair practices and out-right-not-even-well-hidden cheating. I do not know the truth here from Adam, but again what I do know is that people in the world deserve to have someone honestly look out for their best interests and if a majority of the Malay do want a change, if they feel that after 55 years, this is the time for something else, I am saddened that they cannot have enough control to make that change happen. Again, I am honored that you are here friend and hope that this stage at least lets you know that all of us in the world, and on this blog we have thousands of readers from all over the globe, all of us wish you and your people every freedom that all world citizens deserve. Good luck. Gabi


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