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Posted on Mar 24, 2013

The Nomadic Family’s Guess Country Number 11 Contest

The Nomadic Family’s Guess Country Number 11 Contest

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We’re at it again. Unlike our record 8 months in Cambodia, we’re doing the continent hop. Two steps to the left, swing to the right, three half-steps back, and swing around to the other side. Yee-haw!

And to celebrate the insanity of moving too much, we’re opening another contest! Last time (Country 10),  we had almost a dozen lucky winners. As new faces, tastes, music, languages, and vistas flash before our eyes, we want to share a token of that love with you. To play, simply follow the trail of clues on our Facebook Page.

Good Luck friends! We love you!

Gabi, Kobi, Solai, Orazi, and Dahnya

The Nomadic Family Guess Country Number 11 Contest Rules:

  1. Only the first ten people can win.
  2. You can only guess in the blog comments once.
  3. Your guess must be an educated guess backed up by why you think this is the case.
  4. Participants must FB “Like” this post or share this banner of your Facebook page.
  5. Contest opens March 24th 8am EST.  (You can post your guesses before, but I’ll publish them after.)
  6. Contest closes when we hit 10 winners.
  7. You cannot participate if you’ve met us personally in this country or we’ve told you through personal communication or an groups or forums where we are.
  8. You must be cute, friendly, modest, and full of flattery and admiration towards me and/or Kobi in the least and potentially towards the entire family.


Wanna really really help us out friends? You can directly empower us to continue our travels. Did you know that the more YouTube views, the more comments on this blog, the more Google + action we have, the more Twitter followers, the more Facebook friends directly helps us make more money? How? Cuz we can ask advertisers for more money the more active our online presence is. So, help us out cuz you love us, subscribe to the blog, and our YouTube channel, and Twitter, tell everyone you know on Facebook to like us, and if you have any contacts with a newspaper or magazine- tell them how amazing we are! That is 100% directly funding our journey.

I love you…… mwah! Gabi


  1. I know the answer! but too bad I am not qualified to take part 🙁

    • Donovan. so funny! sorry friend. maybe you can play next time! 🙂 oh, and you are super cool because i published your comment. all the others i won’t publish until i have ten winners or time’s out cuz last time people’s comments may have helped people figure it out. so, you are the only one published for a while. that makes you VERY special, in addition to the yellow shirt, of course! gabi

    • hey donovan. today, we’re revealing the answer….

  2. You are in Singapore. ( If I am lucky enough to win, just send me good vibes, I’m in a no-more-stuff place right now xx)

    • Dear Alyson, I wonder if i can reply to you and not post your comment. we’ll see if this works. only then, can i tell you if you are right or not. and yes, i am arranging a non-tangible gift for you in KL for when you get there love. i love you that much. gabi

    • lucky winner number one: singapore!

      • I only knew because I Googled The Hugging Mother’s exact whereabouts. Thanks Gabi!

        • god that was a dead giveaway! right after you said, ‘i thought that was a clue’ i freaked how i let that major thing slip. i deleted the comment right away after you told me but 150 people had already seen it. only you got it though. go you!

  3. Singapore because the arrival sign is the same and the airport has the escalators flat onthe floor too! Lol! Am I right???? 😀

    • jess- lucky winner number two- send me your address to gabiklaf@gmailcom

    • lucky winner number three dear but i know you won’t want my little trinket. so i’ll give it someone who hasn’t been. you’re god. you know that right?

  4. Singapore (Changi airport) thats the sign

    • you’re an observant world traveler my love.

  5. עמי אומר שנראה לו אינדונזיה או מלאזיה מכיוון ששמות האנשים הם ערבים וזאת מדינה מוסלמית.

    • ami is a genius and we miss our world traveling friend so much but WRONG!!!!! the justification was perfect, yes, they are muslim names but the country is a tad off. just a tad.

  6. I think you have gone to Africa. Kenya to be precise.

    • great guess paul. we’re actually in singapore!

  7. I think you guys are in Malaysia … the people look eastern but they seem to speak good english. Seen the photo of the airport and googled some names on the bords

    • we adore seeing you here too bakker. and we still owe you the gift we bought for your daughter’s birth. great educated justifications. but… we’re in singapore…

  8. Korea? Just a guess.

    • and debi steps up to the plate…. strike one.

  9. south korea,Singapore

    • lexy is debating between her first guess and this new one. but cuz she already won we’ll just send her a kiss in addition to the gift from country 11.

  10. sorry about my last reply i was geographically confused but ya my first reply is what i think Singapore….

    • yeah yeah lexy. you got it love you got it! you’re a goddess.


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