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Posted on Mar 27, 2013

Guess Country #11- THE MOVIE!!!!


First ten lucky winners will be mailed something cute from Country Number Eleven.

For details of contest, check out The Nomadic Family’s Guess Country 11 Contest post.



  1. Brunei

    • strike three for the beautiful debi but wait… there is another chance….

  2. Such a col way to do video!

    • oh my god alyson we looooove it to death. if you love it, it costs only $30 a year but please use this link. every one who subscribes using my link earns us another two months free!!!! soooo coool. sooooo easy. sooooo fun. and sooooo professional, right?

  3. Philipenes

    • strike two for the lovely debi stogs!

  4. Hi – I haven’t followed all the hints. but now there is now doubt where you are! Enjoy orchard road!

    • lucky winner number four. of course you would know this like the back of your hand, wouldn’t you ruth? how long were you guys here for? i’m sending a china town trinket. if you want, please email me again your address to we do everything slowly around here. 🙂

  5. Singapore
    I know, too many votes! LOL

    • lucky winner number five! she’ in! singapore. you made it!!!! we love you debi.

      • I love you guys too!!!! Muah!

        • mwah right back at you! we ADORE you dear thanks for being there for us. email me your address.

  6. Singapore of course!!!! The lovely MRT which I miss . Have fun!!!

    • and you win my love. too cool. send me your address and i’ll sennd you a trinket that may remind you of life here. how are you dearest? we love the pics of your kids on FB. soooooooo delish. and the mrt has missed you too. tons. she told me so.

      • Thanks Gabi…don’t worry too much, just enjoy and send good vibes that I really need right now. Just seeing photos from Singapore would be lovely.


        • oh, we love you. we’ll be posting tons of pictures now that it’s no longer a secret!!! i love you roni!

  7. סינגפור? זה מה שגוגל אומר

    • you got it yael. lucky winner number six.

  8. I have had so many visitors, I may have missed your contest. That said the clues have made it very easy now. Singapore, the land of no chewing gum and shoving people into the train. Have fun!

    • ahhhhh.. and you found time for us in all of that mess. i’m soooo glad. lucky winner number seven.

      • Thanks Gabi. No need to send anything, just more fun stories please! Have fun.

        • you are a doll. funny, you don’t want more junk to fill your life? so send me your address so i can send you postcard love. that we can both handle. oh, and you’ve never seen my handwriting. who knows one day it may be worth a million! 🙂 i love you heidi.

          • You got it! LOL I want your signature before you are so famous and reached the “you can’t touch this!” status. You never know after your trek in the fall what life will be like.

          • i know. i know. and your name again is…. oh, yes, you are one of those little people. yes, yes, how do you do? yes, dear, that’s nice. please wait in line with all the other little people. yes, yes. thank you for coming. so… email me your address. hurry. fame is knocking on the door as i type… 🙂

  9. Singapore. How long will you be in country? My family and I just moved here and I am enjoying it so far (my wife and daughter are in Panama until April).

    • lucky winner number eight. you got it jeff. we’ll be here another week. wow. how long will you guys stay here. really nice but soooo different from panama. what brings you to singapore? 🙂

      • Thanks Gabi! We will be here for at least 2 years as I transferred with my US company (we are actually moving from Seattle, however, my wife is from Panama, thus the trip there) to help setup an internal support team. Definitely different from Panama, but excited as it is part of the adventure of life & a larger planned adventure similar to yours.

        • wow. so exciting. we’d love to hear more and more about your adventures. we’ll b e here for the week so if it works out to meet you, we’d love that! how did you find us jeff?

  10. Singapore!

  11. Gabi,

    Do you know that Perth is only 6 hours flight away???


    • only? hmmmm…. oh! go read ynet article. you’ll looooove it sefi. we miss you.


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