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Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Contest: Guess Country Number Ten- The Nomadic Family Moves Again

Contest: Guess Country Number Ten- The Nomadic Family Moves Again

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Leave your guesses as comments below, and no loves, if we’ve told you personally you can’t play.


  1. Nepal

    • Nice guess. I’m listening… can’t reply yet but nice paul. πŸ™‚

  2. I know, same country we’re off to next, I’m really excited about it, not somewhere that was on my bucket list, but it looks brillint.

    • so tell me where you are off to next dear alyson. first, i want to know if you got it right and second i can’t believe that maybe maybe we’ll be in the same country at the same time. how fun will that be? omg!

      • We won’t be there ’till the end of July, your 3 month visa will be up by then. And then, I think we’re heading to Egypt and Jordan. So much excitement!

  3. Air Asia from PP are going either to KL or to Bangkok, so it makes Bangkok next destination. It might be another place in Thailand.
    But if there is a time difference, you’ll have to take another flight from there…this is what I can guess untill now.

    • Ruth, you are doing a lot of research. i love that. can’t reveal anything yet but we totally have to be careful from you….

      • Katmandu? there is a night market and I remember the monkeys in the city.
        I have a feeling this is the place, because it looks like places you jave been before. i think that you wan’t go to Japan or Singapore, for example.


    • Kathmandu

      • kathmandu, nepal. oh just the name excites me. good guess and again, i’m soooo mean, i can’t say anything yet. πŸ™‚ you are adorable…

    • lexy, i love it. keep the guessing going. where is yangon?

      • Yangon is in Burma

  5. How about Bangalore India? It rained today and you have “liked” several posts on FB recently on India. It is also closer to Nepal where you will hike in the Fall.

    • god you are good. omg good. i totally need to start being scared about how many people are actually listening IN DETAIL to all the stuff i babble out there. Heidi you are good, very good. unfortunately, because I am mean, I cannot tell you yet if you are right or wrong but i will say i am sooo impressed. i miss reading your comments every day. maybe i should make up another contest just so that that will happen dear. thank you for taking the time to vote. we’ll let you know.

      • too funny. you know what? I miss commenting every day! LOL My mom is here visiting in Spain for 6 weeks and I haven’t been on line nearly as much. I need to get back in the swing of things for sure. I caught up on a few of your posts and many other blogs too.

        • by the way. I am such a sucker for puzzles, games and contests. Love trying to figure things out.

          • i’m a sucker too for winning, but i have no patience for the figuring out part. i’m always the one who says, ‘tell me’ once they say the riddle. of course i’ll pretend to think for a sec, but then TELL ME DAMN IT. πŸ˜‰

  6. Any chance you will be in Phuket the last part of march? We head there for holidays on the 20th….would love to see you again….

    • would die to see you marti. where is phuket? let me look it up? is it in our country now or not or are you trying to get free clues here…

  7. I’m guessing India/due to the garbage-monkey post. I loved the city, background, colors, activity ~ stimulation of senses~in the movie Best Marigold Hotel! If you are in India, I want to visit you! Where ever it is~continue to have wonderful experiences with your family!

  8. Malaysia is for Monkeys

    • you are too adorable. great guess. we’ll be posting the answers very soon. if you are of the winners, we’ll send you something cool. πŸ™‚

  9. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    hey we will be there for one night on the 19th then off to Phuket Thailand until the 27th then back to KL for 2 nights..any chance of seeing you guys??

    • well well i guess if let the cat out? hmmm… suddenly so many KL votes. i can’t officially answer you love until anyone else who wants to vote does but unofficially, totally off record we’d die to see you guys on both dates. we’re in town and can let you know maybe where we’ll be so you can book to live with us, so that we have max time with you OR if you have a big place already booked and you can bring five very quiet, unnoticeable guests- we’ll come. can’t wait to see you, unofficially, of course.

  10. Batu Caves, KL. We will be heading there soon! D-day is May 2nd to Singapore. Then it’s SE Asia for 6 months

    • well damn what a great guess! you’ve been? can’t wait to see you guys if our paths cross. and so proud of you for leaving for the D-day so soon. are you dying of fear and excitement? how old are the kids?

    • KL! what a great guess! can’t wait to see your link. thank you so much. where are you guys now?

      • unfortunately I came home from my 4 month around the world trip in July 2012. sat at work dreaming of Asia rather than a grey cold UK! love reading your adventures keep it up

        • thank you hannah. i appreciate your taking the time to reach out and share your life with ours. hugs to UK from us. gabi

  11. according to the photo it is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but for this you need to have another passport – as far as I know.

    • Ruth, Ruth, Ruth. If you are right my dear… eh-hem, you can enter KL on that passport with permission. The limits were lifted in May 2011. But, we came in on the American passport. πŸ™‚ The joys of dual citizenship! You’ve been before? You guys lived in Asia- was in Japan?

  12. I say Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
    Have fun guys!

    • Deborah. what a lovely little guess you have there. why would you say that? πŸ™‚

      • Becuase it’s one of the places I want to visit soon! πŸ˜‰

  13. Well, my guess was no where close! LOL Love KL… have a great time there.

      • LOL that is too funny and ironic. This very minute I just finished making a little movie about the monkey’s in Gibraltar mugging my mom. I witnessed the sex too, but didn’t catch it on video. Instead, they jumped on my mom, took her bag of shot glasses and disposed of them for here. I am going to publish it this week on our youtube channel. I love your videos, they just crack me up! Thanks for sharing.

        • i love that i can make you laugh love. those monkey, cute? yes but also not. i adore you.

        • what is your youtube channel heidi?

          • yes funny but rude all at once. our youtube channel is WagonersAborad

            We don’t nearly have the funny stuff that you do, but we have fun. Trying to get the kids to do Videologs too, it worked for one day. I wish I was a confident as you are (in front of the camera).

          • my over confidence and over sharing can be a great handicap too heidi. you are doing great. going to check out your channel. if you figure out how to get the kids to participate tell me. mine won’t shut up (i love them to death) and then i turn on the camera and they usually get shy. sometimes, i get them being their amazing selves. usually, it’s gabi speaks or nada.

          • OMG!!!! That is hilarious! You guys are too funny. your laughs are contagious. the singing is good, had to laugh about the youtube comment. I am having a rough time with that myself, afraid to make a move.

          • i know. i just love the laughing. vaginal harassment. you can’t help but laugh. hugs to you heidi. carry on- you’ll get over the fear and make the move. hugs, gabi

  14. My guess is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because of the Petronas Twin Towers!
    Love reading about your travels!

  15. I think Im too late, but its Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia πŸ™‚

    • is anything ever really too late? i think not. why do you think this is so.


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