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Posted on Feb 9, 2013

Why Don’t You Get A Job And Act Like A Responsible Adult And Stop Abusing Those Poor Kids- In Reply To Calling Home- I’m Not Insane, You Are- The Nomadic Family Travel Blog, Budget World Travel W/ Kids,

Why Don’t You Get A Job And Act Like A Responsible Adult And Stop Abusing Those Poor Kids- In Reply To Calling Home- I’m Not Insane, You Are- The Nomadic Family Travel Blog, Budget World Travel W/ Kids,

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A free man in love with me, his kids, and life

You know what, I’m not fucking insane, you are. You are! You work ten hour days, miss out on your life, buy into the consumerism hamster wheel that keeps you imprisoned, and sell your soul to some propaganda-ed retirement lie. I’m not wrong, I’m not irresponsible, I’m awakened. Yes, selfish bitch that I am I do enjoy my husband cuddling, reading to the kids, talking for hours as we stroll through town, getting in shape, and being free. Child-abuser that I am, I refuse to raise my kids under the constant stress and time constraint of a over-productive, over-Jones, over-time-managed programmed life.

Would you really sleep better at night knowing that we’re working our asses off and passing each other in the hallway?

Would you really be proud if we sold our souls again to the white-elephant lie we can no longer pretend we can’t feel pressing down on our shoulders, heart, and soul, sucking the life out of us, disguising himself as “success” with a corner office, a new cell phone, a flatter screened tv, and new couch and car?

I should hope not, but, honestly, I don’t care too much about what you think, because we decide here, Kobi and I, not you. NO. NO MORE. I don’t know the future, I don’t know how exactly we will work out this vision we have to stay free, but I’m confident that as we keep chugging along the world will keep bringing us all the gifts and blessings (and  money) we need. Amen to endless possibilities.


I know I”m usually much kinder, more politically correct, less offensive. Sorry, PMS. Maybe. I know I’m usually more crafty and cunning, more forgiving and understanding of the endless ways people can see life. Sorry, I just cut my fingertip off with a too-sharpened knife and got into a fight with Kobi. The energy had to go somewhere, right? Clearly, it makes sense to throw it up all over those most dear to my heart, and close enough to actually be able to smell the puke, and let it goop in slow mushiness down the side of their faces. So, so it is right now. So it is. We’ll let you know when things morph a bit. I’m sure they will so soon.

And writing this was 100% inspired by another horrible call home AND by Jamie at Great Big Scary World who recently answered the question: Why Don’t You Get A Real Job, and his answer was soooo good and I was so moved by the like-minded frequency that Jamie and I got talking, and he invited me to write a post on his blog on this topic. I ACTUALLY WROTE THERE WHAT I WOULD NEVER WRITE HERE CUZ I STILL WANT MY FAMILY TO TALK TO ME AND THEY WON’T READ THIS SO…. read it. You’ve never seen me write quite like this.

I won’t prop you too much here but I know if you’ve read it, I’ve pushed some button, pissed you off, or inspired you to tears. So, tell me. And if you love what we are doing and want to directly support our journey, you can help us in four ways: please contact any major media paper, magazine, or show and tell them about us, tell your friends (again) in Facebook to like us (we’re not pushing towards 3333 by 3-3) , keep leaving comments, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


  1. I LOVE this post!! I am sick of people believing that “their” way is the right way. I am an Expat living in Germany. We love our life but the guilt I get from certain members of my family is crazy. I can only imagine how much you must receive.
    Why do people believe that never breaking out of the bubble and staying in one place in life is any better for a child than learning to be adaptable and aware of the world around them!
    You go Gabi and hey can you write a blog post to my family next??

    • dena. bless you. of course staying in the bubble is clearly better for a child than living anywhere else in the world. clearly. and you know what, anything that ever goes wrong will be blamed on ‘homeschooling’ ‘traveling’ whatever else you’ve done. i would be soooo honored to write for your blog. i promise not to curse, and to be very civil. i promise. thank you for the support and one day, when we get to germany, we’ll laugh over coffee together! hugs, gabi

  2. I dont know who told you these things and hurt you so much, but i strongly belive in you guys. I wish that my partner and i will be as loving for each other as you are after so many years together. You are living your life and there are a 10000000 different ways to spend your life. I cant write all i want to say in english…
    What the big fucking deal?!?!? So youre travelling. You could have blown all your money on drugs and booze just aswell. Or buy the wrong stock and loose it all in a day. Money is a man made fiction created only by our own social aggrement that this fictional numbers are worth something. Money isnt real. Its a number in a computer. Or a paper note. Life is real. Your life is real.
    Goerge carlin once said ״its called the amrican dream cos you have to be asleep to belive it” .
    Love you!

    • Dafna. That is why you stayed in our lives all these years. Even way back then, you knew you believed in us, even when we didn’t, or at least I didn’t. Thank you. I never thought of it that way that we could have burned our money on this or that mistake, which we have. we’ve done some costly mistakes but no one cared, cuz we had a kitchen counter. i love that george carlin quote. i’m peeing how much i love that. ” It’s called the Amercian Dream cuz you have to be a asleep to believe it!”

      omg. love it.

  3. Gabi, that is such a gorgeous picture of you and Kobi, and you know I agree with you 100000% as a fellow child abuser and free spirit with absolutely no interest in flat screen TVs and not-yet-paid-for cars. Go girl!

    • Alyson, It’s the rare bread like us that will as is damage our kids’s lives anyhow. Like you said when you guys did uninspired art, sometimes our kids love what we do with them, the freedom we give them, and sometimes they don’t. And that, is OK. I love the picture too! Thank you. And, for the record, I adored that pic of your son with the black circle around his art enthusiasm. Cheers to flat-screen TV’s and not-yet-paid-for-cars. I love you. Gabi

  4. Just wanted to say I have so much respect for what you guys are doing. Some people don’t even dare changing jobs. You guys changed your way of life. Completely. You’re an inspiration to anyone who dares to dream about a new life.

  5. Ignore the criticism — those who recite it are just too locked in their own 9 to 5 world to realize how expansive, amazing, and enlightening this great planet is.

    Plus anyone who can pull off repeated family travels deserves extra congratulations — it is hard enough doing it solo or with the missus, let alone with kids in tow!

  6. OMG! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! Is all I have to say!! I stand and applaud you! I so want to be on the road and have some things to get done before we can! No ties, no nothing is what I want, I am not getting any opposition, YET! But we are at least 6 months to a yr or more away. I love what you have said, it makes me feel better about our decision!! Thank YOu!!


  7. I also liked the saying … ” what you think of me is none of my business.”. Seems appropriate.

    • danny, totally! bite me friends, bite me.

  8. In this time of economic crisis, what is a real job? How respsonsible can you be, if the normal channels of employment, and buying a house etc are being blocked off to millions of people? The most responsible thing you can do, is put your child’s happiness before any material ‘wants’ you may have; any ‘getting on’ ambitions you may have. Taking your kids and going on a world adventure is the most responsible thing you could do! x

  9. People who don’t understand will never understand. They are too deep in their “running after” to open their minds and hearts. You are so lucky. Wish I had the courage to do what you are doing when I still could, but I still dream and wish and hope and in my heart I am free.Keep doing what you are doing- what others think, caring and loving as they might be – matters very little.

    • thank you amalia. i think you are right that some people will never understand, and that is ok. I don’t need understanding to do what we’ve always dreamed of. and thank you for your perspective of looking back, that you can look back and wish you did. and if i can live my dreams now, and not have to look backlater and wish i could, clearly i should. i do beg to differ though amalia. i know of your life adventures. you and david fell in love, such a beautiful touching story and moved to the land of your dreams. you made that dream happen until it didn’t work anymore and then moved on to create the next reality that did work. you did it amalia. and kobi and i have always used you and david as role models for doing what you are passionate about, including david’s undying passion to learn hebrew. what a sweetie. we love you guys. gabi and kobi, dahnya, orazi, solai

  10. Gabi…. you have guts. Guts to do something I can’t yet. I don’t get it…. why don’t we deserve to have happiness?? I am happy, my husband is happy, my children are happy. WE LOVE our life!!! Why can’t people see that and be happy for us? Thank you. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for writing the post at Great Big Scary World. I read every word and completely 1000000% agree with you. MUCH love!

    • jennifer, maybe the greatest joy i got from the contest was new great friends like you. you are so welcome. thank you for encouraging me to be me, to share, to say, to live in my truth and express that. you are doing your life dreams, slowly, in your own way, and i am ridiculously happy for you too. i really loved both articles to death. share them, will you? i have a sneaking suspicion your sisters and other great fans may just love it. thank you so much for being there. keep loving your amazing life jennifer. gabi

  11. Best damn article EVER! Be Proud! You only live life once. Ever hear the definition of insanity? That’s the general population. In my humble opinion of course.

    • Randy, you are now officially my favorite person in the world. Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts here. Insanity, you are totally right, friend. It’s entire populations of slaves thinking they are free but waiting for retirement money one day, and slaving their souls day after day for a job, a house, a standard of living they can’t afford, all the while thinking they are free. thank you Randy. LIving once, gabi

  12. I just came across your website and it is inspiring me to break free of the 9-5 and travel the world like I’ve always dreamt of. My fiancé is onboard so we are going to start planning our escape from the rat race. Thanks for sharing your journey!! Now I know it’s still possible to see the world once I get married and have kids!

    • tori. i see your message and this is the reason i blog. well, also cuz i have a huge ego and think my story is life-changing and anyhow, thank you. i’ve read it to kobi right now and i got goosebumps and wanted to cry. i am soooo deeply honored. thank you again. yes, you can. buy the ebook, read the posts about money and before we left and tips and you’ll know everything you need. tell me dear, how did you find us? i am always so inspired by someone who wakes up and says, “no, i won’t live the way you decide i should. i will live the way i dream of.” please keep up with us online (FB, Youtube…) and if you start blogging (do), let me know so i can share your journey with others. so much love and admiration to you and your fiance. can’t wait to hear more. gabi

  13. Hi Gaby,
    Love it,love it,love it!!! You go gurl!!You’s, soultraveller3, rawfoodfamily,& others have inspired me&my girls to be world citizens. I don’t share my dream with “normal”(LOL) people anymore cos of all the bullshit I recieve. I just had a convo with my girls principal about supporting me to homeschool as we prepare and lockdown our plans to take our flight for freedom he think’s I’m in fairyland. Yours and Kobi’s determination to live your truth speaks to me deeply. Your a gusty gal and I love it. An old saying from my ancestors “Ahakoa he uaua, Kia kaha,Kia toa,Kia manawanui”which means Although there may be difficulties,be strong,be brave,be patient and take heart. Its the language of Maori,the native people of New Zealand. Hope you’s make it down here to our paradise one day.
    Arohanui (Much Love) Elle & girls.
    P.S will put the word out.

    • Elle, i am so honored to be on your list of those who inspire you. do tell me how you found me for i always love knowing. not being ‘normal’ is tough but the alternative which is, for me, pretending to be or trying hard to be is worse. life in your fairyland, why not i’m a fairy, and my friend val is a unicorn and we all make our worlds to be what we want even with all those who think very poorly of our choices. they can bite me, and you, if they want. i love that saying. love it. unreal. i think i may use it on my site. please comment again and tell me how your plans are going. so much love to you, and thank you for your offer to put the word out. it does us wonders. hugs, gabi

  14. Awesome, AWESOME article! You said it all perfectly!!!

    Something is wrong with our currently accepted model of family life – we are expected to spend most of our waking hours away from our children, the school system basically raises them from the age of 6 (they spend more of their waking hours there than with their parents), divorce rates are sky-high, people are on anti-depressants galore. Teenagers dabble in drugs. Husbands and wives don’t have enough quality time together because they are working so damned hard. Something is broken with this system.

    And then if anyone dares to try to do something different, they are frowned upon, guilt-tripped, and criticized.

    I can relate to the family guilt-trips. My mom took it very hard when we said we are quitting our jobs and leaving the country to travel on July 1. She never left here because it would have upset her mother. Guess she thought I am obligated to do the same. But I just can’t do it. Luckily, now that she sees that we are 100% leaving, she seems to have accepted it, and it is such a relief to me. But I cried so many tears over this up until she reached that point. No-one wants to hurt their parents. But at the same time, you have to live your life and do what’s best for your own family.

    So we have the funds to travel cheaply for a few years, although to be conservative I say 1 year minimum hehe. But I don’t ever want to come back to this life. I want to be free. Some say unrealistic. I say, it’s just a puzzle to be solved. Others have freed themselves, and therefore so can we. We just have to figure it out.

    Anyhow, I love your blog – helps us have the confidence to go out and do this!!! Thanks so much for everything you’ve shared – look forward to many more of your blog posts in future!!! 🙂

    • wow. thank you. it’s not easy being different is it? no it’s not. it’s even more not easy living the life you no longer wish to live because everyone else expects you to, is is. thank you so much for writing. i hope you find us on facebook and youtube and comment more, just so that i’ll know that you are around sheralyn. waiting to hear more of the adventures, within and with-out. gabi

      • I’ll be around for sure Gabi! I NEED to read the stuff people like you are writing to keep on believing that we’re not crazy for wanting to do this. 🙂

        But crazy or not, we’re gone on the 1st of July… flights are booked, already sold a bunch of stuff… we’re outta here! Can’t wait!

        And hell, if this is what crazy is, maybe I like crazy better than being sane lol

        • wow. can’t wait and can’t believe you have the countdown going. honored to have you in the hood sheralyn. and yes, i’d pick crazy over the alternative any day. any new developments, especially you freaking out pre-take off, let us know, and we’ll share it on facebook. 🙂 gabi

  15. YUP… SE Asia look out because some crazy Canadians are on the way (but we’re very polite and nice of course! 😛

    Glad to be in the hood with you Gabi! 😀

    • likewise my dear one. likewise.

  16. Wow what a post and how I can relate to it at this moment!!! Although havent even left yet, we are leaving in july…my then 10 year old son and my boyfriend. Some people are being very supportive but then you have some close friends/family telling me im being selfish and not thinking bout my sons future by setting off travelling the world! I know I will be getting alot more off this before we leave. I’d rather be slow travelling the world teaching my son on the way and making the most off life and showing him the world then being stuck here in a ratrace trying to survive. Having your kids bumping off school and getting high, sneaking out by times they are 15….Yeah sure thats a better choice off life. And if other people know it all so perfect why isnt there life in perfection??

    There that was my bit of anger out 😉


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