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Posted on Jan 12, 2013

Kobi Abandons His Family- Guilt Trip Not Working, Resort To Plan B- The Led Zephyr (Nomadic Family Travel Blog For Long Term Budget World Travel With Kids)

What no introduction, no grand conclusion, no flirting, no, no, no… just a guilt trip? Woah! Gabi at a loss for words, No WAy! Enjoy it, as I was trying hard just not to freak out cuz I really wanted him to go, but I really didn’t. I wanted him to have the freedom we always give each other, that allows us both to flourish and enjoy time alone and miss each other, and I really needed him, cuz I felt like I was falling.

And I’m usually great once he’s gone, I become single mom and do it really great. It’s that limbo right before he goes, and right when he gets back that is weird, hard, sticky. I get dependent, needy…. oy! Rock and a hard place, ying and yang, know the feeling?

Tell me, share, and share in around the net, google+ and the like, and YOUR COMMENTS, directly helps fund our journey, and then, Gabi can go for some time off. I love you, me, Kobi, you, and me (and The Led Zephyr). Gabi


  1. Hi dear,
    thanks for the great support of letting me go when I need it… 🙂

  2. I totally get where you’re coming from but I would add, that needy feeling, is it really yours or your hubby’s – maybe that’s why you feel it when he leaves and returns! Just a thought.

    • Janice. Great thought to explore. Thank you taking the time to comment. Gabi