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Posted on Dec 13, 2012

Sex, A Lady Boy, A Blonde, A Huge Black Guy, and Me- Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ve decided to open a new category on The Nomadic Family: SEX. We’re talking about sex a lot lately. I think it started back in Bangkok, Thailand (over 7 months ago) when Kobi and I went dancing in a club packed full of prostitutes, and the streets were overrun with Grandfathers Having Sex With Teens. It upset me, shook me, confused me. Who am I to judge others here, but at the same time, the long discussion that followed with caring blogger friends like Justin from TheGreatFamilyEscape  and others, made me think, more deeply, into the long-term ramifications of selling their bodies for money, and how that all fits together.

Side Note: Interestingly enough, it is still one of our most popular posts, and each week I still get a handful of clicks from sickos googling “grandfathers sex with teens” and “bangkok teens sex”. I must say how honored I am to know that that is what I am appearing on page one of google seraches for. Really, deeply touched here. Oh, and there was that one time when someone clicked to us when they searched for “fucked up family”. I know. Speechless. I am. I am. I bow with deep pride and reverence to that one. I’ll be sure to add that to my resume. Yeah.

So, we talked about sex in Chan Chan, Peru with the infamous ‘blow job’ statues video, about how badly Kobi and I wanted our own room (The Led Zephyr in Sihanoukville, Cambodia), and the TMI entry “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” where I gently mention how traveling with too many twenty-something year old backpackers as added color to Kobi and mine’s sexual resume. Oh, and Kobi shared too much about our kids waking up and watching us. (Oh so uncomfortable am I).

So, here, for a change, is some some seriously entertaining sexuality having to do with a lady boy, a blonde, and a huge black man, and, yes, there was me, in the middle, trying really hard to focus on the job at hand. So, enjoy the new category about sex. I think it has earned the right for its own spot, don’t you?u

Tell me this is the normal kind of stuff people talk about on family travel blogs. Tell me how un-family-friendly my family travel blog is. Tell me how there is no way I will let my kids read this blog for many, many years. I know. It’s a journal, but for way later guys, not so much because of the content (because we have repeatedly discussed and shared with the kids everything here- we believe in that level of sharing), but because the profanity that I have graduated up to allowing myself to use, with great joy and carefree-ness. (See, I also allow myself the liberty to create my own words at will. Jason Mraz does, why shouldn’t I?)

So, would you be able to conduct a very serious marriage counseling session with such colorful noise at your sides? And the rain, let’s not forget the rain. How I love the rain.


If you have google plus one, share ok? Any other way is cool too. It helps us a great deal friends. Night night.


Good night.



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