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Posted on Dec 26, 2012

Nomadic Family Travel Blog For Long Term Budget World Travel With Kids — Numbers, My Son’s Hand Sex, and Manly Wallets- Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nomadic Family Travel Blog For Long Term Budget World Travel With Kids — Numbers, My Son’s Hand Sex, and Manly Wallets- Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Why not just start with the conclusion, like why not eat desert first, right? I know, I know. What in God’s name are we talking about now? I know. But it was really interesting how they write their numbers (so cool), and really awkward what to say when your son starts having sex with his fingers in the middle of a restaurant (did I sound cool about it?), and well, Kobi did get a new manly wallet. I love it when men use pink. It just shows that you are man enough to pull it off, being feminine.

So, it’s 2:35 am in Cambodia and you could say I need to go to sleep. So, I’ll drift off a bit here and there, but it’s a really cute video. Some say (um, I say) that I write best when I’m too tired to try and impress and it all comes out, flowing, spiraling, as if we were talking face to face. I like.

I wrote this months ago and I found it now in draft… look how amazing when you read thins from a few months back. I like!

So, I wrote that today and sent it in; and I”m working passionately to write and schedule enough posts to have both blogs running until October 10th. I’ll be gone for two weeks from September 11- September 26ish, and we want to have blog blogs securely in place, while I”m gone. What will I be doing you ask?

Getting my spiritual ass kicked into the next life. Ten hours a day of sitting- no writing, talking, walking, sleeping; no, but sitting for ten hours a day and meditating. Dear God, oh the storms of my soul that are about to arise. I await this deep scrubbing with all of my heart, and am terrified from it at the same accord. Can I? How will I?

I’ll let you know when I’m done, and clean.

So, this post, eh-hem, yes. So we are talking about the random little joyful discoveries in life that are worth catching. Why? Not because they are ground-breaking. At all. Because they are beautiful and sweet and soft, and I surely would have forgotten at this lovely snapshot in time had I not turned on the camera.

And isn’t this what life is really about? Not the big fancy events and parties we throw to commemorate those huge commercialized holidays. Ok, now I’m going to buy your chocolate and over-priced flowers because some money-hungry genius made up Valentine’s Day. Not a wedding, a birthday, or any of those lovely extravagant excuses we have to celebrate life.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe we should celebrate life at every given chance we get. All I’m saying is that life, real life and real happiness comes not when we wait for ‘that special day’ to express your love to the ones you love, and not through spending tons of money to express that love. Real celebration and real love come in those tiny moments when your son acts out sex with his fingers in the middle of a restaurant and you realize that he’s growing up and thinking about sex and where it all fits in. Real life happens when you stop for a second, curious, and discover something new that you didn’t know before. Real life happens when you can take joy in a new color in your life, even in the form on a colorful little $1 hand-made manly elephant wallet, with a flapping ear.

I like real life, and real joy like this. This is what I want to remember from my children’s childhood, and from our adventures around the world: that we had time, oh so much sweet time, to contemplate a lot of nothings and hang out, and laugh about a lot of somethings.

Any thoughts on real life and real joy? On my new insomnia? On when you got your last manly wallet? On if you like men in pale pink shirts, too? And do you think we covered the sex thing well? And weren’t those numbers cool? And do you think I will get my spiritual ass kicked beyond recognition? And can I even stay silent for ten days?


I love you




  1. I read this when you first posted it and after reading it again I still love what you have written. I love the fact that you write as if you are speaking directly to me face to face. To me it is more personal than a bunch of “big” words that seem to make it impersonal.

    You are very inspiring to me and I always look forward to reading what you write.

    • lacie, you’ve inspired me to read it again. i am writing today another 9 blog posts for the blog and i want to remember to write it in my most ‘me’ way possible. thank you for being my witness in all of these tiny and huge things along the way, here and on facebook. it is such an honor for me to ‘talk’ to you, face to face. those are the kinds of blogs i love too, when i feel someone is talking to me, face to face. thank you for loving me lacie. i’ll go write now, with you in mind.


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