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Posted on Dec 9, 2012

Hysterical Poodle- Worst Haircut EVER! What Happens When The Hairdresser Speaks No English

So you’ve seen me shower, right? You’ve seen me go in nature. You’ve heard us talk to our kids about blow jobs (which I still blush thinking about!). But, have you seen me bark, growl, and do the poor puppy dog look? Have you seen me pant.

This is a classic example of a- what happens when Gabi acts high (but she’s not. It’s a natural chemical imbalance!) and b- what happens when the client and the hairdresser don’t share a common tongue. It’s painful, but so funny, if you don’t laugh, you are a dead turtle run over twice. It’s just that funny!

I know you have something cruel to say. Come on, bring it on, I can handle it. Tell me how much I look like a dog. It will do my ego good. Roll in it. Have fun. Have you ever walked out of the hairdresser thankful that your hair grows fast, and this too shall pass? Do share.



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