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Posted on Dec 5, 2012

Dan & Mike- Two Hysterically Funny (And Hot) American Surfers Traveling the World for Three Years

Dan & Mike- Two Hysterically Funny (And Hot) American Surfers Traveling the World for Three Years

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So, my life sucks, the job is hard, I know. I get to interview hot surfers who flirt and help poor little weak single-mom me carry all my stuff from the market fifty trillion blocks away. I know, it’s hard. Really hard.

So, suffer with me. This is the best little interview series ever! (It’s a series cuz the damn camera which I borrowed from my dearest Ambre, kept turning off so we had to make five awesome movies… And all for your viewing pleasure!) These two highly spirited guys have, between them,  married the mango booth lady, slept under a bridge, and careened the world carelessly, picking whatever fruits of pleasure most allured their young, fun-loving hearts. Sounds cool, no?

I know I may say this a lot, but maybe my favorite interview yet. I don’t know… it’s just that they were soo much fun to hang out with, they were a part of our Spontaneous International Dance Party and a part of that energy of love that surrounded Allan from Denmark, Sergio from Brazil, and that lovely crowd of gorgeous soul-hugging Swedish crowd of girls. At any rate, there is no way you won’t laugh so hard watching this, the energy is too raw, too young, too powerful…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five


Tell me you wouldn’t just die to be there with these adorable hotties? What a job, what a life- I  know. Tell me you didn’t laugh with us, that the energy was not too raw, too young, too contagious? I know! Tell me you love the part where he doesn’t have enough money for a haircut, yet he’s a world travel, or that one time, they slept under a bridge, or how I suckered these sweeties into carrying all my market shopping home. Life is cool that way. So, tell me, I’m listening.

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