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Posted on Dec 7, 2012

Being Evicted, Baby Mice, and A Mom Too Tired of Fighting Kids- The Led Zephyr

Tell me you understand, tell me you’ve been there, tell me I’m a shitty mom for being too tired sometimes, even though I don’t have a kitchen counter to clean, a job I have to go to, and anyone telling me/dictating for me anything really, and yet, I’m still tired. I’m listening… let me just get the sand out of my left ear. Mwah! Gabi

PS: We are super,super, super into Goggle+ and SU these days, so, if you will, we greatly appreciate it! 🙂 Facebook, Linked In, Reddit, and Twitter are fine too. A message would be great! Free babysitting? Sexual favors? We’re listening… Make us your craziest offer (and we’ll most likely take it!) Off to hear this cool reggae singer ( singing right now “Stir it up… little darling, stir it up ” at the Led Zephyr. You are so missing out.