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Posted on Nov 24, 2012

Kids Saw Us Having Sex, Oh God! and Tarzan/Spidee at The Led Zephyr (Sihanoukville, Cambodia)

So, it’s time for some “adult” time. Eh-hem! Yes! Finally! We forget how fun it is to have our own bedroom, didn’t we? And considering that in mid-October in Siem Reap Orazi woke up in the middle of the night (and didn’t make a sound) and heard and watched us! (OMG! Repeat: OMG!) In the morning he asks me if I had sex with dad last, made ‘the sounds’ of sex that you really, really, really don’t want your ten year old son to make, and said so casually, “I’ve heard that sound all over the world, and NOW I know what it was! You and dad were having sex!”

Joy. Let me repeat that: joy. So, want to save money and share a room, but so not wanting our kids watching us. OMG! (did I already say that?) and all day walking around with his sisters doing grunting/moaning sounds and laughing hysterically. Oh no, so not where I want to be in my life right now, so not the sex education or the images (dear God! The IMAGES!) I want my kids to have in their minds!

So, here’s our OWN room, which I believe we will work hard to have from now on. Oh, and you’ll die laughing at Tarzan/Spidee/Kobi scaling the walls, breaking the bed, and getting the kingdom ready for what will be 🙂

Got any really embarrassing children sex stories. We have that time our kids were mesmerized by statues in Chan Chan, Peru of women giving men blow jobs. (JOy!) But that was so much easier than having them watch us! Share away. You know you have a great story to tell us. And give us a google plus one, ok? Facebook share, and the rest helps us directly fund our way. 🙂

STILL mortified (I’ll get over it. I know),  Gabi



  1. Beautifully honest! I love it! Although, I am blushing a bit from seeing so much of your husband’s butt 🙂

    • i’m glad you love it. i’m still dying of discomfort. i don’t want my son to have images of me like that. no. no. no. no. not what i want at all. and not have them run around making sounds and acting it out with pure delight. no. no. no. no. make it go away! 🙂 laurel dear, tell me how you found us. i always love knowing how we get new friends. oh, and you may like to subscribe to our youtube channel. all the fun gets uploaded there first! sorry about kobi’s butt—it was just part of the movie. i’ve always loved his butt. ok, i’ll stop. i realize, i’m already sharing waaaaay too much. hugs, gabi

      • Hi Gabi, I’ll give you a quote I received one morning from one of my lovely children…”Mommy, why were you drinking daddy’s pee?” Feel better 🙂

        All the best!

        Found you on FOTM 🙂

        • oh boy. feel better, yes, thank you. ‘drinking daddy’s pee?’ omg, i’m dying. at least they didn’t walk around walking the moaning/groaning sounds and getting on top of each other ‘in motion’ just for fun. breathe in, breathe out. i still feel better. glad you found us on FOTM- very glad. 🙂

  2. For God’s sake go to Kobi’s blog and look at the comment I wrote on his sex post!

    • just did, and I DIED! OH MY GOD! melanie dear it looks like you and i will have sooooo much to talk about, we’ll have to stay up until like 4 am for a week straight to get all of our laughs and our issues out. ‘top that one gabi klaf’. i love you to death. oh god, they know too much, they know too much!

  3. Hahaha This really made me laugh. When my bairns were about 7 years old they used to ask why the cows were giving each other piggy backs – which is what we call it when someone is carried on your back. Living in the country is great for sex education LOL xx

    • wendy, i’ve missed you. glad we could make you laugh. i’ve gotten pretty cool now with any sex stories about any animal or other people (note: other people), we’ve even had to answer questions like dahnya asking us when was the last time we had sex. fair questions. but being seen, and him not saying anything, but watching in detail, no, no, no, no, no not wanting to go there, not wanting that level of sex ed- AT ALL. we’ll see if we can arrange separate rooms from now on. may double the cost (which we would hate) but we need our space. i guess they are growing up too much for assuming they will not wake up at night and maybe see something. oh, THE IMAGES!!! OH!!!

  4. I don’t have any kids-seeing-us-having-sex stories….yet, but we’ve only been on the road just short of a month. We are most of the time in rooftop tents, sharing it with our 5yo, but the flaps are open and although we might hear someone climb the ladder that isn’t a guarantee. I’m sure we are bound to get caught sometime, and I’ll die of embarrassment while dh will probably snicker and be proud for some guy-reason.

    Thanks for the laugh, your transparency. This is life.

    • hi karen. a month on the road. how cool! where are you? and how did you find us? i love sharing my life with my kids, i love discussing all about everything, but having them act out the positions they saw, make those noises, is not fun for me, at all. i tried not to react so much so that they won’t catch on to how unearthly uncomfortable i am with it. it’s gone down now but oh, not fun. glad we can all laugh about it now, and that i hope IT DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN EVER! 😉


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