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Posted on Oct 15, 2012

Too Much Information- What You Never Wanted to Know

Too Much Information- What You Never Wanted to Know

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So, you thought we knew everything about us, right? Wrong. There are so many, many layers that you surely don’t want to know about us and that any sane person wouldn’t tell complete strangers. And that’s precisely why we are traveling the world forever, and more precisely, why you chose to read this blog; because we are wildly unpredictable, irresponsibly spontaneous, retardedly open, and clearly, insane.

You guessed it, we’re going to get one step closer, you and I. So, let’s just take inventory here. Thus far, we’ve talked about how  I Hate Fucking Consumerism (YouTube video) , Shitting in All the Wrong Ways (YouTube) and Way Too Much Sex Talk (YouTube video). As I’ve talked about Fuck, Fuck, Fuck; Pretty Girls Not Cleaning Up Their Shit, Only The Very Special, Lucky, Rich, and Perfect (Like Me) Can Travel the World, and You Would Die If You Knew How Rich We Were. And now, are you ready?

Here it is, the entire video series of us getting our tattoos in Lima, Peru. Every last detail, straight to your screen from the tattoo studio. Yes, we have officially gone in sane. Enjoy! And comment, especially when you can almost see my ass sticking out. (Come on, it’s the least you can do for your fair share of the bargain!)

Oh, and in my list of all the things you never really wanted to know about me, clearly in the ‘too much information’ department; there is the “Top Ten Things I’d Rather Not Admit” found in the middle of this page. How could I forget?


So, without further ado…..

Part 1: About To Get Our Tattoos- Lima, Peru

So, a life-long dream, or something we’ve recently come up with…. we HAVE to get tattoos. Among the other ills of society, hanging out with 20 year old backpackers will do that to you! So, we’re deciding on our tattoos. Oh…..

We told you we’d include you in every intimate step of the way. The really exciting stuff, the really sad stuff, the physically painful stuff (like getting our tattoos), and yes, the daily boring stuff along the way. So, enjoy….

Part 2: Kobi Gets The Stamp- God That’s Bigger Than I Thought

So it ends up much bigger than he thought, but hey if you want to have “Carpe Diem” on your arm, and the amazing three circles of energy flowing there too, you gotta give it room. Right? Greatness doesn’t always come in small packages.

Ah, the awesomeness of body art. New of us. I’m 37, Kobi’s 42 and this RTW voyage has brought us more new experiences than we’ve had in our entire lives combined. Woah…

Part 3: Last Minute Before the Poking Begins

So, we’re new at this. We want to look closely that the needles are all new, that the equipment looks like it’s in good shape. We’re clueless really, but we’re looking. These are the last seconds for Kobi to actually change his mind and walk out the door tattoo-less if he wants.

But no, he stays. I’m getting nervous and considering walking out the door so that I don’t have to see him actually get the tattoo. I think it may scare me out of getting mine. Ahhhhhhh….

Part 4: Kobi Gets His Tattoo

So, he says it doesn’t hurt at all (in Hebrew) but turns out he was just being nice and wise. Why? Because I was next and he probably knew that if he told me how much it hurt, I may just back out. So, thanks for lying Kob. Ya done well.

Part 5: Ta-Da! Kobi’s Got A Tattoo (Applause)- Lima, Peru

He’s the man. Yup. He is. He gone and done it. We’re so proud of him. “Carpe Diem” will be forever a part of his body. He will be buried with this. For those of your with tattoos this is a normal, everyday, take-it-for-granted thought- that this is permanently a part of your body. For us, it’s totally freak out exciting!

Part 6: Gabi’s Turn- Putting On the Stamp for My Tattoo

omg i’m really going to do this. omg, omg, omg. i don’t like needles. how did i end up here? how? ahhhhhhh! really excited, feeling the exhilaration of being momentarily insane.

Part 7: On Second Thought, She’s Too Big!- My Tattoo

So, we thought Kobi’s was big until we saw mine. I was after this delicate little fairy on my back and now she’s grown into quite a character of her own standing. I want those details. I want to see her melancholy face, I want to see the blossoms around her, I want to see the shadow on her legs and the rock with the buds around it. And so, she’ll be a bit larger than planner. You can’t stop her fairy powers from expressing themselves. Her beauty has no limits….

Part 8: And The Needles Go In- Gabi’s Tattoo- Lima, Peru

So, I have really good internet and I’m gonna take it. I can get this entire series up now. Very exciting. And me, in pain, but we’ve just begun so I’m still really cool about it. Little do I know at this point that my lovely fairy will require almost 4 hours (or did it just feel like that) of Angel’s hard work. Once the euphoria faded, it was not as nice.

Do colors hurt more or is it just that my skin was so raw from being poking soooo much already?

Part 9: Oh The Pain- I’m Such a Big Baby- Gabi’t Tattoo

omg, it hurts! And people voluntarily do this to themselves? i think this is where i start to mediate and curse out Angel in the same breath.

He really did do an amazing job!

Part 10: Facing the Pain- Creative Techniques- Gabi’s Tattoo

I did deep breathing, I actually had chats with loving friends on facebook during, I tried to make it sexually pleasing, I meditated, I fully felt the pain… I tried it all. I think it all helped, it all worked for part of the time. In the end, I think when I threatened poor Angel that I was about to hit him back, I think he just left off a few of the details



Part 11: Putting in the Color- Gabi’s Tattoo

I love Angel. I do. Even though he caused me soooo much pain. My kids caused me pain also when they were coming into this world, and I love them too, so… Pain may be sometimes the precursor for love. I can accept that.


So, did you really watch all of the videos? That’s commitment, or ridiculous boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I am honored if you spend hours online watching every movie I produce, or better yet,  if you fall in love with me and replay my movies over and over again, just to see, again, that wince, that wink, that smile, that flair ‘o the hair! Be there! Do it! I’ll love you for it! Do you have a tattoo you’d like to share with the people now? Do you have something else engraved in your soul that you’d like to tell? I’m so happy spilling the beans about anything. (Dear God! See what happens when you’re not listened to as a child? See!) Anything you ask; we’ll answer, so shoot. Try me!

I love you that much,





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