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Posted on Aug 6, 2012

Clean Up Your Shit Pretty Girls

Clean Up Your Shit Pretty Girls

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A real lovely lady, Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

We are at the Garden Village Resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our neighbors have moved out. What a poor testament to human decency. The girls next door left the room an embarrassingly disgusting pig stye.  No one needs to clean up your shit  pretty girls! Seriously? Who do you think you are? You are those types of snobs who sweep by a place and, from the kindness of your hearts, say ‘hello’ to the little people in your domain. You are probably also the type who think that it’s the maid’s job to clean, so why put forth any effort in being considerate, right? It’s her job.

Oh, people like that don’t just urk me, they infuriate me. If your momma was a maid, your attitude would be a bit different. Or, actually, maybe not. Puke  (however you spell that. I mean ‘throw up’) not at all, at all at pretty girls. If you’re pretty, power to you, enjoy and and use your good looks to bring light unto others, and more fun to your life. But being pretty does not give you the right to be any less human, ON THE INSIDE.

I think the video will shock you. It shocked me! These are backpackers, not wild boars.

We talk a lot about what the world teaches us and our children as we travel. We’ve talked about really embarrassing sex education (watch the video and see how I turn 6 shades of red!). We’ve talked about what a sucky job we did in teaching our kids about finances. We’ve talked about how kids are supposed to be dirty and injured, and about how we teach them about death and about poverty (one of my favorite posts of all time. You’ll love it!)

All really profound lessons. This one at first, just made me mad; now, I see the immense value behind it.  Upon reflection, I’ve gotten really clear on this one.

 Travel, see the world, interact with others with the utmost respect.
Be a decent human being, at home and away. Be a decent human being.

And so, I bow to our lazy, stuck-up neighbors for giving us the opportunity to learn WHAT NOT TO BE, HOW NOT TO ACT… also, noble lessons of the road. I take their disgusting attitude and their rudeness as a lovely lesson for my children, and for me to be considerate of others, to clean up after ourselves, to always be sure that after you are gone- that more light has remained behind you. To know that you can reenter any relationship/place/establishment you have visited, again, with pride. To know that being a good traveler is being a decent human being, one who respects those around him, even those he will never see again; and, yes, even those whose jobs are to clean up after you.

Where have you learned lessons of the road through travel? What ‘bad examples’ have you seen can be used as a springboard, reminding you who you do want to be? We’ve learned about sexuality, alcohol abuse, and more on the road. Great, great, great uncensored education. What life messages have you seen here?

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  1. I TOTALLY agree with you Gabi!!! I was a housekeeper at a conference centre, and quite often came across rooms similar to this!! People who think somone is paid to clean it up so let them. Not an attitude I share. On a two day break recently I was stripping the beds when my partner came out the bathroom. He said I could just leave the sheets – but I carried on stripping the bed. Why? Because the room cleaners are probably the lowest paid and hardest workers – and if I can do something to give one of them a tiny bit of a break then I will. I know the difference it made to me when I did that job 🙂
    Keep your blogs coming – they never fail to inspire xox

    • wendy love. i’m hearing you. can you imagine. yuck! i’m the same with the sheets and towels when we stay somewhere like that. i always stack it in the corner for them, put everything in the trash. these people work hard enough as is cleaning up after others, at least, we can make their lives a bit easier/more pleasant. I am really glad we had neighbors like this especially because of the foil that they were such ‘pretty girls’ and i got to talk to the kids about being a beautiful person and what that really really means. so, their hair was nice and their nails were done and they looked really sexy and pretty like, does that make them beautiful people? let’s look at the messages they left behind them and how they treat others. it was a great lesson. i’m so honored i inspire you love. that, that you are inspired, inspires me… hugs, gabi

  2. Oh yuk! I don’t usually watch your videos but I just happened to have my earphones close by for my iPad! You is hysterical!! Scared to even think what treasures the kids found in there!!! Off to watch the other vids now!!

    • Well, know we know who’s missing out by not watching my videos Tracey. They are the best of the best of the best that youtube has to offer. You are sooo missing out. I’ll give you a few you’ll love. Go to youtube and find ‘the nomadic family channel’. you will love: spontaneous dance party, sonia and jorge, becoming a part of that noise- magdalena, and the one i’m posting right now. you’ll love em all. it’s sooo me. oh, brit would love them.

      room was really scary. really really scary….

  3. This is just terrible. I don’t believe they made this mess right before leaving, it must have been accumulating for some time. I am just wondering what kind of person wants to spend their time in a room like this. And comparing those girls with pigs is actually wrong – pigs never shit where they eat or sleep.

    • Arnis. God, how strong your last point: pigs never shit where they eat or sleep. Thanks for sharing and caring enough to leave a comment on this one. All I can tell you is that they were oh so pretty and prim. You’d never guess in a million years. So terrible. So un-backpacker cool.

  4. This is unbelievable. Such a lack of respect for other people and for themselves, since they spent days and days in that room.

    • i agree. i never even thought of that side of it before. lack of respect for others, i got it. but lack of respect for themselves, that is there too. ugh… thanks for commenting violeta. i love that interaction…gabi

  5. My parents both taught my brother and I the simple rule of “clean up after yourself”. It shows pride in your own self as well as respect for others. Even at the ripe age of 42 I’m stunned to see stuff like this. How can someone have that little respect for themselves and for others? Pretty sicko.

    • i’m with you 200% Jim. totally. as a traveler, backpacker, someone’s mother, and a human, i’m so embarrassed. i know, i’m stunned too. and the irony for me was just how pretty and prim these girls were. blows my mind…. thanks for sharing it to the world. important traveler etiquette 101.

  6. disgusting – beyond disgusting. this sort of entitlement, especially when traveling, is beyond rude and ridiculous. how can ANYONE treat a place/country like this? i wish they’d see it – and LEARN.

    • jessie. i’m with you. let’s learn from it, right? let’s all learn from it…..

  7. Hey Gabi,

    I worked as a hotel maid for a while in high school, and cleaned hostels while traveling through Australia. The mess you showed (as gross as it was) is really nothing compared with some of the nasty crap I’ve had to clean personally.

    You’re bang on with your assessment that beauty on the outside is really meaningless if the inside is selfish and uncaring. I once went out to supper with a couple of girlfriends – both lovely and stylish, the kind of girls with $1,000 handbags and perfect hair. They treated our waitress like dirt, as if she was somehow inferior to them, barking out orders, never looking her in the eye, and never once saying thank you. I was humiliated to be with them, and put an extra $20 on the table as a tip after they left. In retrospect, I wish I’d gone back to apologize to the waitress. And the girls? We weren’t friends after that.

    • hi micki. i can’t imagine cleaning up other people’s stuff like that. we’ve done lots of jobs to get by: ice cream truck vendor, sunday school teacher, mall booth sales, kobi even sold diamonds in that scary suitcase shackled to his body for a while, waitress, never cleaning. i can’t imagine.

      your girls dinner date is the perfect example of what i want to teach my kids and who i never want to be like. never. i’ll share it with the kids. thank you!

  8. Hey guys! When I first started to read this post I was feeling it but still… I NEVER thought someone could have such disregard, bad manners and lack of hygiene all together! After seeing that video… really… how is this possible? Some people think that because they are in a country with a different culture somehow it’s okay to leave your trash (physical and psychological) all around for others to clean up. But I loved the fact that you turned that “horror movie scene” into an opportunity to show your kids how NOT to behave. Oh, and I also loved when one of the girls was grabbing her nose because the smell was so bad hahaha
    You’re such a great example of how a family should always be – united, happy, loving and curious!
    see you around Som’s!
    Sofia (the portuguese girl) 🙂

    • hey you portuguese girl, you, you, you the one with mickey mouse on the mic stuck somewhere inside that lovely, glowing soul of yours. we’ve seen you in the market, laughing and talking with the vendors, in the restaurant making all around you feel so much love, so important. you have a light that you share with all the locals, and foreigners, and i’m honored to call you friend. and, of course, i loe seeing your comment here (cuz one day soon, in eight days actually) we won’t get to see you around every other day. we love you, and we miss Som…. where has he gone. oh, about the video, gross!!!!! gabi

  9. Soooooooooooooooooooo agree with this and is so awesome you took the time to not only post about it, but do the video. Utterly disgusting, utterly rude, and I can only think by seeing the video and the state of the room that is was very ‘intentional’… that in their minds they had a ‘right’ to do that, somehow, someway they are superior to the folks who own the place and it’s ok for them to show it by that behaviour.

    Disgusting, disgusting people, however they looked on the outside.

  10. Gabi, what a great lesson for your kids. And a good idea for a blog video too.

    Honestly, it’s beyond me how parents can produce such children, with so little compassion for others that they would leave a big mess like that.

    Also, I have to say, I love your math captcha thingy down below. I often fail the alphanumeric ones because they’re too hard to read and end up abandoning my blog comment out of frustration. But typing a “9” I can handle! 🙂

    • renee. however did you find your way to us? i’m so happy you are here. i think it’s a marvelous message indeed. how do they produce these people? by teaching them that everything is about them, that the world owes them something, that everyone is less than they are…. and about the math captcha thing. a- i have no idea how kobi put that easy one and not the usual one but i’m so appreciative and b- so many times i write heart-felt comments and then either i can’t do the captcha or i have to sign in somehow to wordpress and it doesn’t let me so i give up, frustrated, too. hugs to you.


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