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Posted on Jul 8, 2012

Don’t Buy A Zoo; Do Fart

Don’t Buy A Zoo; Do Fart

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fuck. we’re meeting the king of cambodia in four short hours and guess who is totally sleepless. honored- oh my god totally. excited- yes. just dealing with stuff that’s come up- old stuff, soul stuff, longing and attachment to desires/pain/fear sort of stuff. fell asleep almost… well no, sweet kobi feel asleep with his manly gentle hand holding my face. i’m lying there crying. just saw ‘i bought a zoo’ and all this stuff is coming up. all of it bam, whoosh, in my face.

vipasana means ‘what is’ seeing reality for what it is… and so as i emotionally prepare for my sept 11 vipasana in battabang (like four hours from here by bus), i know each thing along the way is an opportunity to look into vipasana which can lead me to nirvana (the ultimate peace and enlightenment. and my way there is my’ dharma’.

see, yesterday we attended our first monk chat and it was divine. it brought out a lot of things i’ve been reading about. put things in perfect order. i needed to hear Rem Rann talk, his sweet modest smile, his way of being, his robe, his essence to give all that theory a place in my soul.

so now, i’m going to to write about it. cuz so much is coming up and if i don’t become a witness to it, i lose what i may gain from that deeper, detached insight AND i lose the small chance that i will fall asleep before meeting the king of cambodia tomorrow.

so much going on. such unreal blessings. no wonder i can’t sleep. can the soul sleep when he is skipping towards enlightenment? can the soul sleep when he is finally awakening to himself?

i’ll let you know when the article is up in then, maybe i’ll know more.


you see a few things are happening here.

a- i’ve copied and pasted a facebook update straight into the blog (which explains the all lower-case cuz i love all lower case. it suits me to to have to capitalize words cuz someone said so)

b- i’m started to separate traveling gabi (who is spiritual) and spiritual gabi (who is traveling) and though they are so one in the same, i want to give a home. a real home where all of that spirituality can shamelessly come out. i’ve talked about hiding it before, cuz i don’t want to be ‘weird’. so, now this is one of the first times i have this burst to write and my soul says, ‘stop. don’t go to the nomadic family like it is your custom. [editor’s note: but look, she’s here anyway]. go to and write it from the spiritual side’.

so i’m off to do just that. my head is killing me. maybe it’s the ant soup we ate today (suprisingly delish) or more likely it’s me crying my eyes out at 3 am. ah, life is life la la la la la. la la la life. la la la la la

oh, and that god damn cockroach that just ran over my right leg which caused me to SCREAM and wake everyone up, was so uncool. so grossly uncool.

so, you know i deserve a comment. about the king of cambodia or my soul awakening to itself or ant soup. there is so much to choose from. or how you liked the movie ‘i bought a zoo’. i was suprised how old matt damon looked. isn’t he supposed to like stay a twenty year old hottie? he was fine and all but can’t he just stay the way he looked when he said ‘how you like them apples?” i’m not growing any older, why should he?

so comment. you love me. i’m worth it. and you know you have stuff to say…. oh my, someone in the room just farted. we won’t disclose that kind of personal information, but it was too cute. it just sorta went ‘boom boom’ in a almost-alto sort of way. did you know your family members fart in their sleep. ah, you see the advantages of staying up all night. if you comment about the fart, i’ll know you read this entry until the end.


oh my head is pounding. need. water. now.


    • Yes, but that’s why we love her right Tracey? She’s just as weird as we are!

      • we are in the same club sisters. same club.

    • oh yeah, well… .don’t get me started. some people like me that way. and those who don’t, can, how did you say it so eloquently, “BITE ME!”

  1. I love your stream-of-consciousness posts. You crack me up…FART!

    • HI VAL! been forever so it seems. how are you? i love the stream of consciousness writing too. it’s so how my mind works. the rest of the time i’m fighting really hard to stay focused on the task. and you read all the way through… code word: fart. love you Val.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of amazing stuff going on! Love those places in life. Did you really get to meet the King of Cambodia? What did you say – I don’t think I would have been able to find words.

    Totally random but you seem like someone who would know of good books to read – any book recommendations?

    • hey kate,

      so cool to see you here. yes! we met him. it was unreal. really life-changing. can’t write about it yet. need to let it sink in. we’ve had three unreal days of highly fulfilling life-changing events. monk chats, our first khmer class, cambodian birthday party, meeting the king…. whirlwind right now. i posted a few pics and thoughts in facebook. go see! you’ll love it. by the way, my words were pointless. he is so beyond words. as i spoke/mumbled he just looked right through me, right into me. my words were unnecessary. i know of soooo many amazing books. tell me what you are after. i love talking books- spiritual development, travel inspirational, great story line, funny.. tell me what you feel like. i would die to talk books right now.

  3. Is ant soup actually made from ants? You know what I love? When I’m lying awake at night and the kids start giggling and laughing in their sleep. It’s magic. ( they share my bed, even though we’re between travels, it’s become a habit) Farts are Ok too though, so long as it’s not the husband eeeww!

    • alyson, i love you dear. i love seeing you all over the place. it’s like we’re traveling together. i don’t know how it’s made. i just know when solai first said there was an ant in her soup, i told her to remove it inconspicuously, and not to make any faces, so that we don’t offend our kind hosts. And then she says, “Mom, there’s a whole bowl of them!” “Oh.”

      I love that too. My kids are magical when they asleep, and sometimes when they are awake too. 🙂 love it that you are here, with me. when do you hope to be nomadic again. oh, and our kids co-sleep with us, in this combination or another forever and still now. we tried to kick them away from time to time cuz we got sick of not sleeping at nights, or elbows up our nose, in our thighs… but they always come back… i guess they just love us that much. 🙂

      last thought, kids farts adorable. husband farts, not.


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