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Posted on Jul 25, 2012

Dahnya Chats- Bayon Temple

Dahnya Chats- Bayon Temple

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Hello my name is Dahnya. I’m 10 1/2. I live in Israel.
We were in Bayon Temple. It was amazing and big. There were a lot of big  faces everywhere we went .

[Note: This is Dahnya’s first post. If you want to write her a comment, she’d be thrilled to death. Thanks, Proud Mom]


  1. I love your post Dahnya and cannot wait for more. good job girl!!

    • i love you אבא. the next will be about our family.

  2. Thanks Dahnya for sharing yours amazing moment with us.
    Can you tell me where is this nice place(what country)?


    • we were in Cambodia.thank you for replying about my chats.cheers,Dahnya

  3. Hiya Dahnya
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are having a great education – on the road, living life!! Enjoy 🙂 xx

    • Hy thank you for replying about my chats.see ya

  4. Very cool! What country is the temple located in?

    • it was in Cambodia,in Siam Reap,thank you for replying about the chats

  5. Good for you Dahnya!
    Is this at Angkor Wat? Did you take the picture yourself too? We are hoping very much to meet you in a few weeks in Cambodia! Keep writing, it’s a wonderful way to share what you are learning!

    • yes we took the photo,it was in Bayon Temple,Angkor was good also.

  6. Awesome Dahnya! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. 🙂

    • Hy mike thanks for replying /

  7. Hey Dahnya, You are living a life I wish every child could have! A life with travel. I moved to Panama when I was 10 and traveled through out Central and South America with my family until I graduated from HS. The thing I wish I had done is to keep a journel!
    You are an inspiration to everyone who will read your blog. Keep up the great work!
    Sharon Taylor ~ Utila Honduras

    • thanks thanks thanks for replying for my chats

  8. Hi Dahnya

    Your mom has some serious competition. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to read more of you impressions

  9. Great job on your first post! I would love to hear more about your travels. My son is just a little older than you and he has just started blogging on my blog, as well. I am glad you are sharing your talents with others.

  10. Hi dahnya, it is great you started your own blog,great job,, im am sure
    You are having the best time ever.. me and my fanily are follwing
    Your amazing experience around the world..
    It is wonderfull to see picture of you and your family ,each time on different location
    Keep on having a big smile.. kobbie pessach

  11. <3 please, write more, sweetheart!

  12. Nice work Dahnya. The Bayon looks fantastic! What do you think of Cambodian food? I’m wondering what my children will like to eat when we get there. Thanks for your help. xx