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Posted on May 25, 2012

Miserable In Bangkok, Thailand

Miserable In Bangkok, Thailand

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I like traveling, I do. I do, really. I’ve chosen this lifestyle because I enjoy the thrill of a new place, the unknown, the fact that I am utterly clueless regarding where I’ll sleep, what I’ll eat, who I’ll meet. There is something beyond-words exciting about not knowing. And so, there is a whole bunch I don’t know about Bangkok, Thailand. Most notably, the three things I did not know were

1-how damn hot and muggy it would be

2- how badly I would be hit with jet-lag

3- how miserable you can feel when  1 and 2 are compounded with a hot chili pepper stuffed into your mouth


And so, travel is always more romantic looking back. “Remember when…” sighed Gabi to Kobi over dinner one night. Right now, it’s miserably hot and I’m desperately trying to adjust to that. Looking back, I’ll laugh and recall how romantic it all was, being in Bangkok and all that went with it.

One of the lessons I am learning from travel is to adjust to the unforeseen and make the best of a bad situation. Like our romantic tropical vacation in Cancun, Mexico became a consumerist shopping spree; Bangkok, right now, is just a very hot, tiring place for me. But, here too, I will learn to adjust, to overcome that which challenges me and be happy.

After our week in Bangkok, we’re debating between going south to the islands on a local flight  with Phuket airfares or on the other hand, just head for Khanchanaburi by train. We’ll see.

We’ve uploaded some really cool photos of the Lucky Palace and Golden Buddha in Bangkok and will be adding more to that very very soon.

Ever reached that utopic, exotic spot you were so waiting for and found it ugh? Have you had radically difference experiences here? Any ideas how to survive and enjoy the sweltering heat? Do tell! Please!

I believe we all inspire and excite each other; that we all learn from and grow from each other. Please grow and share with us bu connecting with us on twitter, facebook, and youtube.


  1. “travel is always more romantic looking back….”

    Or looking toward….

    Or from the outside looking in….

    I think a lot of non-travelers have this very romantic and unrealistic view of travel. It’s Brad Pitt in a white linen shirt that never gets dirty.

    Real life and real travel involves dirt!

    • Clark,

      So true. I never thought of those other angles, looking forward or from the outside looking in. You are so right. It’s a great lifestyle, it is. I am not complaining about how miserable poor me is and wouldn’t I rather be back home in my own home with the A/C running. But, yes, this is dirty, and sometimes dirty down-right sucks. Thanks for letting me be Cindy Lauper with stains galore, flashing them like a proud peacock, and not Brad Pitt in the stain-free white linen.

  2. Hey Gabby!

    I just saw this video and laughed out loud because I am here in BKK too, from Chicago IL, and am feeling the same way! Last night was my first night not waking up at 1am for the day. And we went to the Chattachung market yesterday and walked around until we were almost comatose from the heat (and it was overcast!!!). So today I am going to be going for a 2 hr Thail massage. Total cost…$12. 🙂 Would you like to join me? You get a private room, air conditioned and the ladies that do the massage are incredibly strong. I always have bad knots in my back and the massage I got a couple of days ago completely got rid of them!

    Also we have an amazing pool at our hotel that we could meet at and hang if you would like. My husband and I have three kids, 12, 7, and 4. So we are spending a lot of time in the water.

    So let me know if you’d like to meet up (we’re in the Sathorn area). And even if not, you have a kindred spirit, making the best of it in Thailand.

    And in regards to the hotness of all food, I have ordered and not eaten 2 dinners out of 4 so far. Ugh. So if you want some fettucini or some other Italian fare (not hot!!) try out Sara-Janes in Sathorn.

    Cool wishes from a fellow non BKK’er. 😉

    • Hi hi hi fellow nonBKK’er. what an absolute joy to get your email. How in the world did you find me, kindred one? I am so lucky and excited. We’re now in Khanchanaburi but will be in Bangkok again at the end of the week. We’d looooove to swin in your pool, or just hang out. How is your jetlag now? Isn’t sweltering heat, jetlag, and food you can’t find to fit your stomach the perfect combination. Try a hot chili pepper- that’s get you good! We’d love to connect with you guys. Your kids and mine would have the best time in the world playing and the adults can hang out! Mine are 10 1/2, 9 1/2, and 7 1/2. Tell us your plans so that we can see you guys. Italian? omg that sounds great (even though I’m eating almost all raw food, i would definitely take a few delicious bites). Can’t wait to hear from you, Gabi

      • Hey Gabi!

        Sorry it to so long for me to get back to you! I was checking my email, not your blog, until this morning.

        My husband stumbled across your blog and forwarded it to me. As I was watching your video I was so excited to see that it was from just a few days ago. So I guess we were supposed to connect. 🙂 I have looked over your site and I must say I am so impressed with the decisions you have made for your family. I am completely understand that it is a lot less romantic when you are actually executing it, but SO much better for the soul. So my hats off to you for diving in and following your intuition!

        I am doing much better. I am drinking a ton of coconut water (which is a favorite of mine at home too, so its like ‘comfort food’ to me). And I did finally get a dinner of pad thai that was not flaming! 🙂

        When are you back in BKK? Tomorrow? If so, we could get together then. We are flexible with whatever works for you guys. My kids are so excited!!!

        Email me your preferences/details when you get a chance.

        Talk to you soon!!!


        • hi amanda. today is wed may 30th and we are heading back to bangkok tomorrow thursday. we’d love to see you. you can email me at and we’ll totally get together!

          can’t wait

          • Hey Gabbi!

            Did you get my email? Just checking because I hadn’t heard back yet if you guys were planning on coming out today!

            Talk to you soon!:)


          • hi amanda. so sorry i didn’t write back. we just arrived and have vegged ever since, not moving a muscle. barely went online either. needed that off time. we’re here in the aloft hotel in this real uppity part of bangkok. have a great pool too. would still love to see you, but i admit i’m feeling super lazy and don’t feel like taking the ride to the kawasan part of town. maybe, we’re coming out there tomorrow for some errands (even though I’d rather veg all day in the gym and the poolside). you may not want to move much either and if that is the case, we totally understand. moving to cambodia next week and saving up my energy for the exploring/traveling/discovering spirit. so, write back. and again, sooooo sorry for appearing like a snob (i’m not!). much love, and god, the kids would love to hang our! so would we…. gabi

  3. Hey Gabi,
    From the pictures it’s already seems like you have romantic memories from BKK. It is very nice to see how you take the culture seriously and Kobi from the other hand laught from every thing(Am I correct?) and the kids they are so qute enjoing every thing.
    Drink a loooooooooot (the shakes are also great, banana + coconut).
    Have a great time.

    • Sefi,

      Wow. I am mai-ing you. You deserve the hugest bow in the world my dear. Your comments mean the world to me, they give us a platform to talk and share and continue our conversations. thank you for caring. yeah, jetlag is gone so i can enjoy. you are so right. kobi laughs at everything (but respects of course), i am in awe of everything as an enlightened learning experience, and the kids, they just love this never-ending field trip. they do. we are working on tons of water water water. we even printed out water charts to mark up every day. so, we’re working on it. we are having a great time. keep reading and commenting ok? gabi

  4. Hi Gabi,

    This sounds exactly like us on our first family visit to Bangkok! For some reason, this city is hard work the first time around. It gets better… I promise! It just takes a while to find your groove there. We got ours on our second visit a few weeks after we arrived in Thailand.

    I’ve spent lots of time as a solo traveller in Bangkok and loved it. It’s just harder with kids. No playgrounds, noisy, smelly. All the things I loved doing in Bangkok weren’t options with a kid (cocktails, massages, spending hours just wandering around).

    Hope it goes better for you the next time you visit. Find a guesthouse/hotel with a pool to cool off. We wouldn’t do it at home but we enjoyed the shopping malls in Bangkok – lots of good food and AC!


    • hey bethaney,

      how cool that you wrote. how did you find us? how lucky are we!
      yes, i think it is a hard place when that heat slaps you across the face. and for us, in addition to the jetlag, and the joy of being confused when you arrive to a new place with three adorable kids in tow who need you to be there for them; but, in addition, in latin america (where we traveled for the past year) we communicated with the locals. we met amazing people and talked, really talked to people we met along the way. and here, i believe part of my misery is the confusion of not being able to say anything to anyone around me. we totally found our groove in khanchanaburi and looooved it. stayed there for 18 nights and we’ll be coming back when we return to thailand later on in the trip.

      i can imagine traveling alone in bangkok is cool. going out at nights much be crazy here. i walked the kawason a bit alone the other day and felt soooo lonely it bore so deeply into my soul. i ran back to find my kobi and my family and was so happy i was not alone.

      we’re in a hotel now with a great pool and use it generously. and yes, today, we visited a mall not because we like malls either but because we needed something. i was suprised that i enjoyed it. i guess that is one reason we typically stay away from the big cities for we don’t want pools and malls, we want people, nature, space, experiences.

      thanks for the love bethaney. i look forward to chekcing out your site


  5. Yeah that’s what I hate most about Asia, the humidity.

    I’m from Australia so I don’t mind the heat I’m just not used to the humidity, I’d much prefer to be in the middle of the nice dry desert at 50 degrees Celsius than somewhere at 30 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity

    • Matt, OMG i died. i died. i was so miserable. seriously, i became the bitchy, miserable traveler and not me in my usual adaptable, laugh about it self. hot, humid, jetlagged, and the hot pepper…. damn matt, it was just too much for me, beyond me. i’m like you, i don’t mind the hot hot hot heat if it’s dry; but if my underwear is literally SOAKING WET i am not happy. too much information, i know, i know. i just remember how unEarthily uncomfortable i was. so much happier now…. where are you now matt?


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