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Posted on May 19, 2012

Leaving Our Beloved Huanchaco, Peru

Leaving Our Beloved Huanchaco, Peru

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As every love story has its end, so does this one. We leave the very first place we camped out in; where we competed in that amazing sandcastle competition; where Gabi really started to run-run and super-long distances and every day; where we did nothing but walk the beach and watch the sunset every day. Ahhhh… Huanchaco.



Where the kids learn to surf, where everyone was shooting pictures of us as if we were celebs, where Gabi got tons of very cool attention, where we met Alejandro from the hostel who let me use free wifi, Victor the old man hanging out outside the restrooms, Kombi de Circo- those two adorable Argentina’s funding their trip as a moving circus act, Marco that great surfing instructor, Ivan the restaurant owner who let us set up camp in his yard, and the girls who worked the booths all day. Where I made the shit-in-nature-video that everyone had something to say about it, where we relaxed in unreal sunsets, and we competed in our first-ever sandcastle competition.


Here are really cool surfing pics in our Facebook album.


We loooooooved Huanchaco (but I may have already mentioned that).

Leaving in three, two, one….. bye.

And leaving, of course, a piece of my heart there too.

What little nothing-special place have you totally fallen in love with? Where it is that you underwent some great emotional/physical/spiritual growth that left its physical location forever sacred in your heart?


Let’s connect! Tell us what’s on your mind, what’s going on with you, and how life is treating you.



  1. Hi – my name is Vikram Nanda, one of my family businesses here in Hong Kong is a travel agency – Nanda Travel.

    I would like to use an image you have taken for an advertisement, may I kindly ask for your permission?

    Do drop me an e-mail at: and I shall attach the one I am hoping to use.

    Beautiful family and very interesting blog!

    Best regards,

    Vikram Nanda

    • Hello Vikram. What a joy and honor that you found our site. We would be honored to have you use our photo for an advertisement. I will email you and talk details. Thank you so much for the love and support. We are a beautiful (and normal, and crazy) family and are thrilled to share that with others. Thank you. I will email you now. Gabi


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