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Posted on Apr 2, 2012

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

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How fun was that? I’ve never said the f- word online. Fuck! If it offends you, go away. I understand, and I’ll love you from afar. On this trip AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I have purple-highlighted hair, have smoked pot, tasted some crazy nightlife dancing, and added unreal experiences to my sexual resume. Why the fuck wouldn’t I allow myself to curse online?

Seriously, I’ve been such a good girl my entire life. I’m a family therapist with a Masters in Psychology and a radio show. And on the road, I’ve become so liberated, so naked and free. I can walk down the street and do whatever the hell I want and, guess what, NO ONE EVER KNOWS WHO I AM. So, why I do feel the consistent need to ‘contain’ myself online?

If you’re reading my blog, you are growing and experiencing with me. You’ve heard me talk about sex, sexuality, shitting in nature, hating my family, and now, you are ready to hear a few ex-rated words. And if you are of the weak-hearted, prim, proper, and contained; I bless you and will probably rejoin you someday. But not today, not now; and if you don’t feel comfortable with my level of openness, I understand. I would probably blush if I were a bit saner these days.

I love many remarkably inspiring travel blogs (including but not limited to The Great Family Escape, Family On Bikes, FamilyTrek. The Act of Traveling). I read them often and get reinspired to travel the world forever. I don’t think they have ever so much as muttered a grammatically-skewed phrase.

And then, there are those that draw me on a more primal level, those I’d love to smoke a joint with (Raising Miro, Almost Fearless, Todd’s Wanderings, the Minimalists) because they allow themselves to put their smelly feet on the table, to fart, to talk about those deeper screwed up things that everyone else is trying to hide under the rug, and…to curse. They give themselves permission to be, online, exactly who they are, also when it’s vulgar, overly-opinionated, inappropriate, and uncensored. I would like to develop that.

So, this too, shall pass. This new adolescent awakening that says, “I shouldn’t but I can, so fuck you, I will” will probably subside in its due time (or, it won’t). But, right now, God-damn it, I feel like cursing a whole fucking lot. (By the way, I only curse in the company of people I feel veeeeeeery comfortable around). So, congrats, we are now one billion steps closer, you and I.)

You see, I write for me, really. And I’ve grown ridiculously comfortable with all the adolescent awakenings I’ve had on this trip. And I’ve grown even more ridiculously in love with the new things I am experiencing and becoming every damn day. And, so, fuck it! I’m cursing and smugly smiling from ear to ear with every fuckin profanity that I type.

You know what my favorite line in Pretty Woman is? Cinda-fuckin-rella!

So, Good-fuckin Night! (God, this is liberating!)

Wanna curse back? Wanna tell me how offended this post made you? “Wanna fight?” said the grouchy ladybug? Wanna tell me what fucked-up awesome enlightenments and stupid shit you’ve done on the road? Wanna explain to me how badly I will regret this post in the morning?

I am here and dying to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, visit us at our Youtube channel (I just put up a video in which I curse there too!) and like us in Facebook, so we can hang out more.


  1. You are giving my a complex. I feel like I want to send you links to all of my posts where I use improper grammer (which is quite frequent) and profanity (less frequent but….). I love you for your authenticity Gabi.

    • Dearest Clark, The last thing I wanted to do was give you a complex. I adore you and Monica and all that you guys are doing. Of course you’re not perfect, I wouldn’t love you guys as much as I do if you were. Thank you for always supporting me in being my most authentic self. It helps me ‘not regret it in the morning’. Gabi

  2. What the fuck!?
    Watch out people, this is what long-term traveling can do to you! LOL
    I am not offended but do need to spice up my writing a bit (great reader feedback, thanks):)
    When you travel nothing else matters but you and your family, right? Who gives a shit about the evening news, it’s you and your emotions. This is setting you free! I don’t think you will regret this in the morning. If you do, share it!

    • Emiel, no. no. no fuckin way. Did you just say “what the fuck?” I am shocked and thrilled. Is this contagious? Now, seriously, tell me it didn’t feel ridiculously exciting to type wtf and have your name associated with it? Tell me. Now, I see I could smoke a joint with you too. ๐Ÿ™‚ This really IS what long-term travel does to you, Emiel. It takes away those barriers we put up in our social structures. You have none and can allow yourself to experiment and taste and express yourself without limits. Pretty fuckin unreal, Emiel. I’ll let you know if I regret it later. So far, still feels great. Gabi

  3. Well clearly, I need to start cursing. Maybe I need to become like my husband and start cussing and burping and farting? And having a blast peeing? Dang!

    Good for you for opening up! That’s what it’s all about.

    • Oh Nancy, Do they come any cuter than you? If you do decide to curse, and burp, and fart, and have a blast peeing; drop me a line. I’ll do it with you, and we’ll laugh all night about it! (And then, of course, we’ll go write fuckin amazing blog posts about it too!)

      Opening up- amen! I think I’m starting to worry about if I’ll ever shut it up again. I love you Nancy.


  4. Emiel stole my line.

    I love the grouchy ladybug! He’s an ass, but I love him. He reminds me of myself, which makes him even more of an ass.

    Blogging is not about stability. It wouldn’t be real if it was. It is about honesty and relating to others.

    My grammar is horrible! Horrible! You have no idea. I spend hours . . .

    Be you Gabi, be you.

    • Justin, Emiel stole your line. Is that why you didn’t type the words, “What. The. Fuck.?” I know, it’s tough. My heartbeat totally accelerates ever time I type a curse phrase. Every time.

      I adore the grouchy ladybug and love that you picked up on my mention of him. I was sure I was totally writing that to entertain myself. But, he just came up suddenly in the post and put himself there, with all of his beautiful asshole-ness so I’m glad we get to share that too.

      Blogging is not about stability; it is about being real, honest and relating. I can’t agree with you more.

      “Be you Gabi, be you. ” I take that with me. It’s strong and simple and my newest perfect Gabi-mantra. Thank you dear friend


  5. Fucking great!

    • Hi Bird,
      Welcome. I love seeing new faces here. I wonder how you found me… did you google “fuck, fuck, fuck”? ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome dear, and thanks for the slap on the back. Fuckin great right back at you dear. Gabi

  6. Fuck Fuck Fuck, oh shit now you got me started too, ha, keep up the great work, love your posts.

    • hey matthew! i know! it’s so contagious. i read fuck, fuck, fuck and i have to stay away from my kids for an hour cuz i can’t stop the pearls rolling from my tongue. so glad you stopped by and commented (you’re so cool that way!) going to check out your site in 3, 2,1.

  7. A-fucking-men to that! I actually do the opposite and swear quite a bit in public and then it’s virtually non-existent in my writing but I definitely think you should enjoy the freedom of it because it’s pretty liberating. A comedian once said (because he was criticised for the amount of swearing in his shows) – People say it’s limited vocabulary that makes you swear well I don’t think so. Cause my vocabulary I know at least ohh one hundred and twenty seven words. And I still prefer fuck. You see I’ve never found the English equivalent for fuck off. And it isn’t ‘go away’. Cause go away kind of dissipates doesn’t it? Go awayyyyyy. Go awayyyyyy, shooooo. Shooooo. It’s not conscious like FUCK OFF! It always works you know. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • omg love it. love it. fuck off. yes. i’m tilting my head back like you would right before you burst into laughter, when someone told a truth so strong that you sort of have to go [deep breath] [pause] “yes!” and then you burst out laughing. that one. totally, yes. fuck off. i am loving the freedom. this family therapist, married + 3 is fuckin lovin it! will anyone ever employ me again? who cares. I’ll tell them to bite me, no no no, i’ll tell them to fuck off.

  8. Gabi how fucking high were you when you wrote this post? I was actually laughing out loud when I read it.

    • yeah, well david surprise, surprise i was smoking absolutely nothing, drinking nothing. a side of the sweet mama hen gabi you may have missed. god, i love this post! i love me when i’m that way. really not giving a shit about what anyone will think and being my most inappropriate naked me there is. love it. welcome to the club dear one. we’ve missed you.

  9. Absofuckinglutely awesome post! But I can’t swear online..what if
    my mother sees it???

    • right? your mom may read… i understand. i don’t care… even though (super long story) but we got to meet the king of cambodia (incredible honor) and i gave him a drawing with our website card on it. that day, i came home and saw that the post that just went live… the first word of the post was ‘fuck’. great, king won’t be so impressed… damn. lost a fan there. ๐Ÿ™‚ i should write more like this one. i love fuck fuck fuck. it’s too alive, too wired, too me at those times when i make myself laugh waaaay too much. sending you a great big hug. it’s almost 2 am and i’m on the fucking computer instead of sleeping. good fuckin night. hugs… gabi

  10. Hi there!!, awesome post. I felt almost as liberated as you while reading it. I came to this post from family trek and to familyntrek from Discover, share, inspire. I am definitely putiting your blog on my bookmarks and this is the only I’ve read so far. I also want to live while traveling and achieve that kind of “fucking” hapiness (you are right- that felt so good) you speak of on this post. Cheers!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. What the hell… I might as well fucking say it (even though I didn’t fucking say it the first time I read this… but back then I was living my old conventional life, holding back… now I am fucking freeeeeeee, and on the other side of the fucking planet, and you get some of the credit for inspiring me to think this is even fucking possible in the first place!) So without further ado, this is a fucking awesome post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • fuck! how fucking amazing! how fucking fun!how fucking free freedom is sheralyn. fuck! i’m so happy to see your fucking comment! and i can’t stop laughing so hard every time i type the word ‘fuck’ or a derivative of it. fuck! it does feel good, don’t it! sheralyn, i’m so fucking proud to be even a tiny fucking portion of the a tiny crack of what maybe helped you fucking do it! it is possible and it’s fucking grand, ain’t it love. soooo proud of you. i mean, so fucking proud of you. i love you sheralyn. gabi


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