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Posted on Apr 25, 2012

Food from My Roots: Israeli Chef Makes Amazing Madbukah

Food from My Roots: Israeli Chef Makes Amazing Madbukah

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The land of Israel and it’s food is a melting pot of Jews from around the world. Israelis cuisine is as varied, colorful, and unique as its contributing peoples. Saying some food is ‘Israeli’ is more accurately saying ‘this amazing dish you’ll find popularly served in Israeli homes and restaurants but its origins come from the cultures and countries of the Jews and Muslins who brought it from afar’.  Following is a culinary journey we were blessed enough to witness in the Nomade Backpackers Hostel in Lima, Peru. A real, true-to-form Israeli chef (fresh out of the army) landed in the kitchen and began to work his magic. Here is Eyal preparing Madbukah. Super, super easy-to-prepare dish from my homeland. Enjoy!


Watch the magic unfold in three, two, one…

Moroccan Madbukah

10 tomatoes

1 orange or red hot pepper

6 cloves of garlic



Cut on the top of the tomato (where the stem was) a small, light x shape with a knife. Place in a bowl with boiling water. Allow them to sit in water for about 7 minutes, until skin soft. With hands, peel off skins. Cut tomatoes into 2-inch sized squares.

Place tomatoes into small pot, with one thinly-sliced hot pepper, and whole peeled garlic cloves. Allow to cook on low fire for about four hours. And, you are done. (I told you it’s soooo easy!)

Serve cold. Is amazing on bread, or as a side dish with your main meal.

When you read such a cool, random post; you know me, something is up, right? Well, this post is really just a tiny piece is a wonderful collection of eclectic recipes from around the world. You see, other world-traveling families and dear friends of mine and I have decided to give our readers a gift, from the heart and from around the globe. So, please check out what my friends have cooked up as well, and let me know which recipes have worked out for you (so that I can tell Kobi to make them for us:-)  ) Enjoy!


Finding My Way to Fabulous (and Freaky) Food by Keryn at Walkingon Travels

Persian Pomegranate Chicken and other Fantastic Foods of Iran.. by Susan V

 Food from Guatemala – Marina K. Villatoro

Traditional Dishes of Peru – Lainie Liberti of Raising Miro

Alloco (from West Africa) – Lauren Fisher

My Crêpes Recipe (from France) – Tiphanya

Starting our Days with Turkish Breakfast – by Minor Diversion

Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica’s Signature Dish – by Susan of Family Travel Bucket List

Got anything wonderful to share? Come on. Don’t be shy…. Tell me something delish. If it’s super, super, super easy (like Eyals’ Madbukah) I can make it. Otherwise, I promise to pass it on to my dearest Kobi.


  1. It’s so simple but looks delicious!

    • it is sooo simple. i was shocked. and sooo delish. unreal. if you try it, let me know. 🙂 gabi

  2. That’s exactly the kind of recipe I love : easy to do !

    • tiphanya,

      i love how you spell your name by the way! this is the only kind of recipe i will do. super easy!


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