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Posted on Oct 25, 2011

Wednesday Wanderers- International House Sitting With Cat

Wednesday Wanderers- International House Sitting With Cat

Cat Vann (in pink) with Dahnya and Dell
As we travel the world we meet all sorts of awesome people. Some travel the scale the globe; some stay near their nest. Some travel alone; some with kids. Some sprint on vacation; some meander slowly as a way of life. But, every single one of them is a fascinating person with a great story to tell.These fine folks have honored us all by sharing their messages with us. You’re gonna love our new series Wednesday Wanderers.  
Wednesday Wanderers highlights the unforgettable saga of mankind towards his own truth: locals, fellow travelers; people who have found creative ways to many money and sustain their world travels; people with strong opinions about the way things should be; people just getting by, living their life one day at a time; and people who are changing our international world one small footstep at a time.

So far, we’ve interviewed a taxi driver whose secret to a good life is rum;  an Australia man and his Japanese woman biking North, Central and South America sharing their message of love and brotherhood; a revolutionary environmentalist fighting billion-dollar companies against deforestation and mining in Panama; a biker who makes money through unreal videos on YouTube; a maid who guarantees her exercises will make you shed all of your fat; a retired couple who have spent the last 25 years scaling the globe, and more.
And today’s lucky Wednesday Wanderers is Cat Vann. Cat has been kind enough (and cute enough- you’ll see) to give us a peek into the world of house sitting. She is homeless by choice; and yet always has a home. She is warm, friendly, super responsible, and blessed to taste life in dozens of houses while paying no rent, no mortgage, no house repairs, no property taxes.
Cat is now in her second year of house siting,but she says its really Pet Sitting. She’s a dedicated animal rescue volunteer in Boquete, Panama and really stays where she does to take care of the furry friends. Besides three weeks in March, Cat’s entire next 12 months are booked solid.
Let me know you like the interview! And if you have any follow up questions for Cat, I’ll gladly pass them on. You can find pictures of Cat (and all of our Wednesday Wanderers) each week as I post a new video.
[Disclaimer: I will TRY to upload every Wednesday but can’t promise that I’ll always have internet. So, Wednesday Wanderers may come out sometimes on Fridays or the like, so be patient.]